Thursday, April 2, 2009

Without a plan I am lost!

I know that I can get pregnant and I know that at one point in my life I could keep a baby and deliver a baby so that is a good start.
My entire life I have always said that 35 was my cut-off for actively trying to get pregnant but have decided to extend that until the end of this year which will be my 35th year anyway. I truly fear the complications that can, and often do, with pregnancies in ladies after 35, esp cuz of all that I have gone thru with hormones and stuff in my 30's.

So here it is...... drum roll please.......

Try naturally April, May and June cycles (no testing, no meds no natta just doing the deed if and when we wanna) then start looking for a donor egg lady in July. That process take awhile, at least 2 month, prob more, so the IVF transfer wouldn’t take place with that until September sometime - at the earliest. If that doesn’t work hopefully we will have frosties to transfer from that cycle and we will go ahead with a FET, frozen embryo transfer. Then, done, that will bring us to the end of the year and then im tapping out and getting that damn boob job dammit!

The time trying naturally is really just to get my life back and not think about anything. I am not good at just sitting back and doing nothing so knowing that I have a plan will help me to deal with the down time. I will enjoy the weather, kids, baseball and just life in general trying my best not to think about how old I am getting.