Saturday, January 31, 2009

Brayden's tonuge incident

My 10 year old son, Brayden, thought it would be a good idea to put his tongue on a metal pole, in the middle of winter, on the way to school this week.......
Not quite sure why but obviously it was not pretty and I didnt find out about it until after school that night.
They were walking to their bus stop which is 2 blocks away from the house and Brayden got his tongue stuck on the pole and Harmony ended up having to RIP the skin off and leave it on the pole so they could get to the bus on time. It was "gushing (Harmonys words) blood" so they had to get a napkin from the bus driver.
The picture has Braydens blood all over the pole and if you look close you can see at the bottom of his tongue in the middle there is the start of new, fresh skin. Then I asked him to "pose" by the pole and he was VERY careful to not touch it while he was posing for the picture, lol.
Im guessing this came about cuz we told him not to do this and that his tongue would stick to it, but as we all know, kids will do what we tell them not to. Not sure if its cuz of course as parents we are idiots and know nothing or if its just putting the idea into their head, either way, we had a big laugh at his expense and hopefully there will be no more of that!!!

injections make me crazy

I have taken 2 days worth of injections already and I feel fine for the most part but the crazy sneaks up on me.
This morning Harmony had cheerleading at 9AM so on our way home tears started to fill my eyes when "Wait" by White Lion came on the radio! Oh my - really?????? That song makes me cry?
No reason for the tears, no sad memory as the song plays. So instead of fully letting the tears fall, I started to laugh really hard at my stupidity and the kids in the backseat (with Ipod touches attached to ears) thought I was crazy and wondered what the heck was so funny.
Hard to even explain how crying over a song makes a person laugh but I tried. They were like "oh" and went back to their life and Ipod touches.
Apparently being injected with a huge amount of lady hormones makes a person cry over weird 80's hair band rock songs! Geesh!
Oher than that im feeling fine but guess I am more emotional than I thought.
Its not like I havent been here before but I feel like this is our last chance and that scares the hell out of me, or maybe its cuz I was up and out of the house WAY too early on a COLD Sat morning. Who knows, spose I will have to see if another hair band makes me tear up.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Selling on Ebay was a BUST!

I put some kids clothes on ebay last week and out of 5 posts only 1 dress sold. Im not gonna do it again, much easier to drop off at GoodWill. I cant believe that they didnt sell, but i am kinda glad cuz the shipping that i had to pay was way more than I thought it would be so I didnt make more than 3 bucks on the thing. LOL.

Maybe I will try taking it to a re-sale shop, everythign looks so nice after I spent time ironing, man i HATE ironing! It seems like such a waste of time.

Going thru the house to get rid of things we dont need. Always wanted to keep all the kids clothes in case i had more but looking at all the baby clothes the kids wore makes me sad and takes up a hell of a lot of room so maybe time to downsize, the stuff is cute but I could just get more if it ever happens.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Coolest thing I have ever done in my life!

If there was one thing that I could do over and over this would be it! Harmony and I went to Florida in November of 2004 and we went to Sea World and then went over to swim with the dolphins.... Oh my, so neat! what a great way to end a crappy, unseasonably cold day in "sunny Florida".
I got to swim with the dolphins and i met my new hubby in the same month. What a great month :)

My Nephew

Isnt he just the cutest damn thing you have ever seen?????? Anderson Jason
Naked one is just a few weeks old and the dapper lil one is 11 weeks.
Wish he was around more so he could get to know what a push over I am when it comes to adorable lil boys!!!

New to all of this ......

I am so new to all of this - never thought i would even want a blog.
I will have LOTS of spelling errors cuz I cant spell at all and prob wont go thru the trouble of spell-checking so just deal with them, k?

Im gonna use this as an outlet for stress so even if no one ever reads it that is a-ok...... here goes.....

My new-ish hubby and I got married in April of 2007 and went on to add to our family. Who knew it was going to be this hard, geesh! In July 2007 we got pregnant and were so frickin excited!! I announced it to he and the kids with a shirt that said "KISS ME, I'M PREGNANT" and Matt told me that I shouldnt wear that cuz I would jinx our chances, lol. He didnt believe I was actually pregnant. Pregnancy confirmed by doctor and then pregnancy was gone, never got to see a heartbeat. Miscarried on my own and began fertility treatments.
In September, around my birthday, I started hormone injections to make more eggies in preparation for an IUI in October. I had my 1st IUI October 4th, the day before my sister-in-laws wedding.
That failed so we went on to the 2nd with next cycle. That one failed as well and it left a few really large cysts on my ovaries so i was not allowed to continue with any injections that cycle. We chose to move forward in January 2008 with a round of IVF. I was only able to produce 8 follicles and out of those follies only 2 of them were fertilizable. Both of them were transferred 3 days after fertilization and neither of them stuck. Big fat negative pregnancy test, uggg. So in june of 2008 we went forward with another round of IVF, different protocal and got 12 eggs this time and 8 of those were able to be fertilzed. We transferred 3 of the embryos and were hopeful. I got a + pregnancy test at home and then confirmed by the doctor. Yeah!!! I couldnt beleive it worked and were were very happy but very afraid something would happen.
It did, the doctor thought that 2 embryos actually implanted and 1 dropped off very early. We still had one in there and went for the ultrasound. We got to see the lil blob on the screen and it was a great site! 2 weeks later we went back to see the heartbeat and found out that the baby had stopped progressing about a week earlier. Our baby was gone, again. I didnt think we were going to make it thru that.
I had to go thru a forced miscarriage since my body wasnt doing it on its own. I had a lot of cysts again that were tricking my body into thinking the baby was still growing and thriving. That m/c was very painful emotionally as well as physically.
Took some much needed time off of the injections and just took a fertility drug called clomid. We caught yet another egg and got a + pregnancy test at home but 3 days later that pregnancy was gone as well. Took me 3 more weeks to miscarry. In December of 2008 I had a surgery to see if there was anything "wrong" or "fixable" and there was not. Good news but I was hoping they could "fix me".
Also during this time my new hubby and I are also trying to get used to living as a couple and everyone is trying to figure out how to live as a "family".
Brayden was also going thru testing for ADHD and then taking medication - then going thru testing and more testing and more testing to finally being diagnosed with a tick disorder, tourettes.
He is off all his meds that were helping him to focus but giving him way more "ticks". He is taking a few supplements, tourine and a B-complex as well as a "remedy" from the homeopathic guy that he and I see.
2moro I will start another round of injections in hopes that this 4th IUI will give us a healthy baby.
We will consder another round of IVF but we havnt figured out if we will try another round with my eggies or use a donor. I would like to use mine but if a donor can give us a better chance then that may be the way to go.

With this being a new year, I am looking to have it less stressful and happier. I am looking forward to spending less time injecting myself with hormones and not spending every 3rd day at the doctors office and spending more time at home with my family I already have. I am trying to focus on what I have instead of what I dont have and/or want. I am thankful for my family, my children and my husband. I am hoping that we can add to the family in the near future but trying to accept that we will be fine if that is not a possibility.