Friday, June 25, 2010

Never gets old

Yesterday I had an ultrasound and it was pretty neat. I brought the kids along with and believe it or not Brayden was much more into it than Harmony. They both got bored pretty quickly when she started to measure the brains, leg bones, tummies, etc. They did think it was pretty darn cool to see them moving around in there and we saw baby girl waving and doing what looked like a fist pump but the best part of it was when baby boy looked to be doing baby squats. It was hilarious, up and down and up and down probably 5 or 6 times. She took a pic that I am posting. Its of the back of him, no head but baby back, legs and lil teeny baby boy butt. Super cute, I just wanna pinch it! :-)
Matt says I need to eat more cuz baby is too skinny, I said that’s prob why he was doing squats. He is obviously Matts son. I have plenty of fat he can take and considering he weighs about 10 oz, he looks pretty good :-)
Baby girls pic is of her being all cute and cuddled up, hands in front of face, legs crossed just like a lady. Its hard to see since they are 4d pics.
I am just shy of 19 weeks now and have another u/s next week that Matt will be able to come to. They are also doing “genetic counseling” with us which I think is ridiculous. Little late for that, dontcha think?!?!? I am not gonna let them sit and tell me all the things that “could” be wrong since we chose to be pregnant “at my age” but I will allow them to tell me what type of tests my kids should have since I have 4 mutated genes that I can pass to them. Any reason to go and see the babies again tho. This is the OB’s gender u/s..... I wont tell them that we already know....shhhhh.

The flood gates have opened and I have started buying.... watch out checkbook! I buy at least one package of diapers and wipes each week, sometimes 2 if it’s a good sale and looking at clothes but harder to buy those not knowing if they will be super little or “normal size” so only bought a few super cute things on clearance so far. I have a girlfriend that had twins 4 months ago and they are on a preemie formula - she is spending $100 each week on formula so I am hoping that I can BF a lil bit, to off set some of that cost. With buying diapers and wipes each week I hope that will help too when the babies come and I am not working.

Not sure how much longer I will be working either. Specialist says all ok for now as long as I continue to do what I am doing, which is pretty much nothing. I go see them every other week and so each time I will know whether or not I have another 2 weeks to work. No tears or bleeding **knock on wood** as of now so that is good too. Blood flow is perfect so i can stay on the the lower dose of lovenox injections and i am completely off the progesterone AND the steroid. Being off the steroid is nice, the acne seems to be clearing up but i think thats where a lot of the pain is coming from. I think i could bathe in Tylenol and still be unable to get up and walk w/out pain. Oh well.... NO complaining here.... wanted this and so happy to have it!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

I like things even

I have been like that since I can remember. Even numbers of things, cept my fav number of 3 (dont ask), things stacked in the cupboard evenly, etc. We have a son, a daughter, a girl dog, a boy dog and now we have another girl and boy on the way! Brayden seems to have my "even issue" cuz when he was told, he said "cool, now things will still be even in the house".

I think we will need to get another Guinea Pig in the female form tho since Rocky is messing up the "even-steven-ness" that we have going on :-)

I would have been happy with whatever we were having but I was really holding out for at least one girl and how fun would TWO twincesses be???? But I also really wanted Matt to be able to have a son. I know how important that seems to be to men. We have struggled so long and pushed so hard for this and it still doesnt seem real, maybe when I go into labor or am actually holding 2 healthy babies, I'm not quite sure when it will hit me.

Matt wants each of us to name one baby and the baby we dont name we name the middle name.... sounds fair, but I would really rather just agree on names, i mean, we are adults, we should be able to find 4 names that we both like, right? LOL, yeah, with Matt and I, that is not an easy thing to do.

The tech was funny yesterday cuz Baby "A" (the boy) was showing his stuff no problem and she really really needed to look and search for the sex of Baby "B" (as the tech put it "not a boy"), she being a lil more modest. Makes sense, Brayden still would walk around naked and show off his stuff if we let him.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Back to life, back to reality....

Fridays u/s went well and I was released to go to Disney - only if I stayed in a wheelchair. I was a lil annoyed by that but by the 3rd day I sure was grateful for that thing!
Disney was great - way too short - but great. I love that the kids are fun to be around now and are willing to go on rides (for the most part).
I figured I would toss a pic of here of my growing belly. Yow-za, I thought my 10 week belly bump was big..... it was nothing!
I took this today (yes, in the bathroom) and i think i am in my 16th week now. Maybe the 15th tho, cant keep that straight.
Feeling ok, weaning off the steroids so I assume that is why my joints hurt. Hoping the puffiness and acne will go along with the steroids tho.
Still on modified bedrest, that will continue until strict bedrest comes - hopefully later rather than sooner.
We are hoping the less I do now the longer I will be able to work. Makes sense, right? :-)