Monday, July 26, 2010

23 weeks

Yes, all my pictures are taken in the bathroom at work. Not pretty but it is what it is.
I am gonna write about it on here so family and friends don’t need to hear me talk about it over and over - feeling the babies move is so amazing. Even more amazing than I remember. It's crazy that I may have taken this for granted when I was pregnant with the Harmony and Brayden. What was my problem, how could I not see how amazing this was? I loved feeling them move, I really did, but not like this, not even close. I get butterflies each time I feel a kick, punch, flip or whatever is going on in there. I smile every time it happens. As much as I cant wait to have them in my arms, I really think I may miss having them with me at all times.
Ok, so here comes the weird, pregnancy crazy lady - cheesy talk. I feel like I am special or something cuz I am the only one who gets to feel them move. Like we have a bond already, hard to explain really but I look at Matt and think how sad it is that he cant experience this. I'm sure he could care less since he has no idea what he is missing. Again, I dont remember feeling like this when I was younger. I loved having them with me but I sure don’t remember thinking how lucky I was to be the ONLY person in the world who had that with them. It's pretty damn cool.
They are the size of footballs now, maybe even as big as an overinflated football (pretty much what I feel like most days, lol). I have an appt to see them at the specialist this week and looking forward to it. Its really neat to see them move on the screen after I feel them move.
As much as I hurt or end up peeing myself when I sneeze just feeling them move makes it all alright.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good Golly Miss Molly!!

I have a lot of appointments! I thought I had a lot before but that as just a lil warm-up to what is in store for me now! I don’t quite know how I got to see so many doctors, but I do. Since I am “old” and having twins the OB sends me to have the ultrasounds done by a A Perintologist which is a fancy word for a high risk doctor, they spend an extra 2 or more years in college in specialized training. I also see the specialist every 2-3 weeks in Illinois for ultrasound and blood-work, Then see my OB every 3 weeks at this point for weight check (oh yippie!), measurements and such and now see the Perintologist every 2 weeks so he can check my cervix and every 4 weeks for growth ultrasound. Ummmm, yeah, not really sure how all of this is gonna work out since I only have ½ day a week off. I’m hoping that I can do the peri and the OB on the same days (most times) since they are in the same hospital and then they can all kinda fall in their own weeks but not quite sure if that’s the way it will go. If not, just more time off of work. Plus, the specialist STILL wants me to have IVIg treatments every 2-3 weeks but most of the time I can have it done while I am there, if not, then its just another appt here at the old RE’s office (the one who passed away).
I beginning to feel like the only thing I do is make and go to appts. It will only get worse as I get further along too. Its so very nice being monitored so closely, just wish it was in ONE place and ONE doctor since they all don’t agree on what my meds and plan of action should be. Oh well.
2 of the docs want me to stop the blood thinner injections and baby asprin but the specialist does not agree..... there is a lot of that going on!

At the growth u/s I had yesterday, Maddux was weighing in at 1lb 2oz and in the 45th percentile and Alyssa was weighing in it 1lb, 1oz. which is the 40th percentile. They are always so close - their heartbeats were 150 and 153 this time. They are obviously not identical, but they like to be similar. They also like to be breech, which is a-ok with me. Im sure they will turn the day b4 delivery just so I have to try to labor with them, sigh.
On a funny note about that, I was asked for the first time if they were identical AFTER I told this particular person I was having a boy and a girl. It was pretty funny cuz I said “yeah, they cant be since they are different sexes” and he (my orthodontist) got all flush and said “oh, yeah, that was really stupid, sure wish I could take that back”. I thought it was funny and I’m sure it wont be the 1st time I am asked that question.

I get to feel them more and more now - loving that! I used to be able to feel Maddux everyday but only if I was laying down on my left side. Now I feel them both moving around a lot more and even when I am sitting down. Sometimes its pretty hard even tho they are really small. I assume that is the time they are both doing something. Maddux seems more active tho.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I feel the end of my working days

..... every morning when I get up for work I think “there is no way I’m gonna make it thru this day”. I can only imagine its gonna get worse.
When I look at the picture it doesnt look that big - and then I stand up to walk and I am reminded that it IS that big - lol.

I’m only 5 months right now but in the twin world that feels like the end. Luckily I know a couple other twin mommas that I can talk to that confirm that I am not just being over dramatic.
I wanted to work til at least September but I just don’t see that happening. My back problems are even worse than b4 I got pregnant, obviously, and all my joints hurt unless I am laying on my side. I feel like what I felt like when I was a few weeks away from delivery with Brayden.
No complaints tho, every day that I wake up still pregnant and in pain is a good day. Just kinda venting I suppose.
I’m still very restricted to what I am allowed to do, still pelvic rest which means no lifting, walking too much, etc. BUT I really want to get the nursery done or somewhat done very soon so that if I am to be put on strict bed-rest or into the hospital I wont be freaking out about that. I know that babies could care less and that is fine but I wont have any time or energy to do anything once they are here so I’d like to get going on it now.
The room is full of crap that needs to be moved to another area of the house or GoodWill but I can’t physically do it and Matt is busy working or putting the pool up or diggin something in the backyard...... I don’t think he gets why I want to do it now even tho I have explained it - oh, a million times.
On a more fun note, I feel them moving around at least a few times a day, not quite as strong or as frequent as I would like but I will take what I am given right now. Both babies have anterior placentas so they keep telling me it will take awhile for me to feel the movements - I don’t get that since they are inside ME, but I’m not gonna argue with the docs :-)