Wednesday, September 1, 2010

At least I’m not making this up!

When people say “how are you doing” I usually say “ok” or "alright" cuz who really wants to hear how you are really feeling? They are being polite by asking so I’m not gonna keep them around telling all my “issues”. However, the being exhausted one most days I do bring up but I feel like such a fool. I mean, geesh, how can I STILL be exhausted...... at some point I should have some energy. I don’t.
6 weeks ago I went to the doc for normal pregnancy bloodwork and in that was iron level, CBC, gestational diabetes, etc. My iron was low, very low so they put me on iron supplements for the anemia. Didn’t care for the side effects but super excited about the possibility of having energy. Yeah, not happening, not even close. So over the last 6 weeks I have felt not even a burst of energy - I can drink coffee or a soda and natta. So today when I had to go back to the doc, yet again, for them to suck my blood (to figure out this Rhogam Shot dilemma) I asked about my results from yesterday. I passed the GD test which I was shocked about. I was totally ready for them to hand me the finger pricker thingy and a completely new diet plan but nope, passed it just fine. Great! However, the 6 weeks on the iron meds has done nothing, nothing at all. Still super low, like maybe a point higher than it was. I was kinda relieved to be honest. At least there is a reason for this exhaustion, other than twin pregnancy and my old a** age. I have been pregnant before but that was ages ago so I would just chalk this up to me being 12 years older and this being a twin pregnancy, good to know I don’t have to feel like this. The doc was not in when I was there (lunch, how dare he!) so I assume he will just have me take 2 of the iron pills daily instead of 1 every day but waiting on those instructions.
I know I should eat more meat, red meat at that but nothing tastes good anymore. I can eat prob 1 real meal a day but the rest of the time I just graze on little stuff. Red meat is the last thing I want to chew on. Makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it. Every once in awhile I crave a big burger but only the kind you can get out, not the ones you make at home. There isn't much room in there anymore and it seems as tho I have developed a MEGA milk allergy in the last 4 weeks. Its awful, goes right thru me and makes me miserable. So eating cereal (which was one thing I did enjoy) is out of the question unless I wanna feel like crap. The Greek Yogurt that I was getting protein from is not sitting well either - not as awful as drinking milk or having milk in cereal tho.
I have always had a problem with milk, lactose, but when I am pregnant I can down the stuff no problem. Up until a few weeks ago that was the case with this pregnancy too.
Oh well, kinda excited to up the meds in hopes that I will be able to do something once and awhile :-)


Miss Megan said...

Woo hoo for passing your 3 hour test! I'm thrilled that you don't have to poke your finger a gazillion times a day or change your diet - YIPPEE!!
Boo on the anemia though - even taking iron supplements you're still anemic. . . suck. It is good that you at least have a reason for being so tired, but still. . .
And dude - I hear you on the food! Food tasted SO awesome up until a couple of weeks ago, and now nothing sounds good or tastes good, and multiple foods make me nauseous. What the hey? The OB told me that m/s can return in the 3rd trimester, especially for multiples moms so he wasn't surprised. . .still doesn't make me happy though. At least we're not puking our guts out right? So things could be worse. . .

Princess Chelsea said...

This wasnt the 3 hour, just the regular 1 hour one. I had to take it and pass it twice, weird!
Are your levels still staying in check or is your diet totally screwy now?
I was doing so well with food, eating right, etc and now all i can stomach is crackers, bread, pasta, total carbs. I am constantly throwing up in my mouth and the night seems to be the worst. Yes, you are right, could be way worse! I have had a pretty easy pregnancy so i keep reminding myself of that!