Monday, October 11, 2010

Cant believe Im here

Its been a very long time since I've updated! I have been off of work now for 3 weeks I believe and I have been to soooo many doctor appoitments its silly! Maddox's tumor is bigger now than it originally was but it doesnt seem to be effecting him at all. No edema for him - plenty for me, none for him. Which is a-ok. I would rather not have any myself since it is very uncomfy, but i will take it instead of him. I ma 34 weeks now and its hard to do anything. Its hard to get up, hard to sit, hard to lay down, harder to walk and bending over or squatting at all is completley out of the question. The heartburn is crazy and most of the time the scripted zantac doesnt touch it. The throwing up in my mouth is getting very, very old.
I have got to be up at least 60 pounds at this point and I am hoping that a lot of it is swelling, water weight. Hey, a girl can dream, right? :-)
THe doctor has never once said anything about the weight issue, which surprises me since most docs are all up your a** about gaining too much. I knew i liked this doc b4, but now i like him even more!!!
Nursery is pretty much done, well, done enuf that babies could sleep in there if need be. Cribs and up and bedding is in place. Walls are painted, glider rocker is in there, clothes are washed and put away. I have bottles ready, diapers, wipes and butt cream ready to go and Harmony has painted one of the four monkeys already. She will have plenty of time to do the rest. I like the way the room looks, it is smaller and smaller every day but seems cozy and I really think Maddux and Alyssa will like being in there together.
At the last check, 3 weeks ago they were both 3lbs 7 oz. I will have another weight check on friday along with the biophysical ultrasound. I am hoping at least a pound or more. Shooting for 4.5 each (or more). They have given me a D-day. If i do not go into spontanious labor they will enduce me or c-section me (depending on how the babies are positioned) on November 9th. Its a Tuesday and happens to be my in laws anniversary. I really dont think i will make it quite that long but I never in a million years thought I would have made it this far so what do I know. Bradyen's guess is November 1st or 3rd. Harmony's guess is October 31st or November 4th. With the way that I feel I would say no more than 2 weeks, but maybe that is the pain and discomfrot talking.........
I think that Halloween would be fun but any day they come and are healthy is a-ok with me.


Tessey Sue said...

Dibs on Oct 24th & 27th.
where's the belly pic?

Princess Chelsea said...

you may be right! ill take either of them. Ill put a belly pic up now