Friday, October 22, 2010

Musta made it comfy in there!

this picture was taken about a week and a half ago i think. I am now creepin up on 36 weeks and measuring at 45+ at the doctor today. Dilated to 1 so basically means nothing is going on in there. Not effaced even 1%. Im really thinking if no pre-eclampsia then im going all the way to November 9th!
There is a lot of protein in my urine as well as some blood. I guess that is no good so they gave me a bucket to collect ALL my pee in for 24 hours. How fun! Plus, the bonus is that i get to keep that bucket of urine in the fridge. How gross. Anyway, they also took blood work today and tested for Strep B. The blood work and urine collection is to check for pre-eclampcia. My blood pressure is awesome just like always but the swelling and protein are also indicators of problems so they are checking it out.
Im only 2.5 weeks away from the d date so im not really worried if the test says i have it. Im sure they will just deliver the babies Im getting very anxious to see what they look like and what their personalities are - wondering how the dogs will react to them and the kids as well. Wondering how life will be with 2 lil ones in the house. Not the lack of sleep or the noise, just the basic teen-stuff that goes on here and where we always are going to will be luggin 2 car seats and lil humans around to everything! Im sure it will take some adjusting but we will get thru it i am sure.
I was released from the REI specialist in IL so that is nice, no more trips out there. I feel like i should send them a gift or something for what they have helped us get.
I am pretty ready for babies - as ready as i can get i suppose. Its not like they really need much at birth so what we have here is more than enuf at this point. I am too exhausted and sore to do anything else so i figure i will organize and re-organize after they are born since im not going back to work for quite some time.
Looking forward to being able to spend time with all 4 of my kids while i am a stay at home momma!

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Tessey Sue said...

So Happy for you! Can't wait to see pics of them. And you look so good! Hope you are still able to get semi-comfortable.