Friday, January 30, 2009

Selling on Ebay was a BUST!

I put some kids clothes on ebay last week and out of 5 posts only 1 dress sold. Im not gonna do it again, much easier to drop off at GoodWill. I cant believe that they didnt sell, but i am kinda glad cuz the shipping that i had to pay was way more than I thought it would be so I didnt make more than 3 bucks on the thing. LOL.

Maybe I will try taking it to a re-sale shop, everythign looks so nice after I spent time ironing, man i HATE ironing! It seems like such a waste of time.

Going thru the house to get rid of things we dont need. Always wanted to keep all the kids clothes in case i had more but looking at all the baby clothes the kids wore makes me sad and takes up a hell of a lot of room so maybe time to downsize, the stuff is cute but I could just get more if it ever happens.

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