Friday, June 11, 2010

I like things even

I have been like that since I can remember. Even numbers of things, cept my fav number of 3 (dont ask), things stacked in the cupboard evenly, etc. We have a son, a daughter, a girl dog, a boy dog and now we have another girl and boy on the way! Brayden seems to have my "even issue" cuz when he was told, he said "cool, now things will still be even in the house".

I think we will need to get another Guinea Pig in the female form tho since Rocky is messing up the "even-steven-ness" that we have going on :-)

I would have been happy with whatever we were having but I was really holding out for at least one girl and how fun would TWO twincesses be???? But I also really wanted Matt to be able to have a son. I know how important that seems to be to men. We have struggled so long and pushed so hard for this and it still doesnt seem real, maybe when I go into labor or am actually holding 2 healthy babies, I'm not quite sure when it will hit me.

Matt wants each of us to name one baby and the baby we dont name we name the middle name.... sounds fair, but I would really rather just agree on names, i mean, we are adults, we should be able to find 4 names that we both like, right? LOL, yeah, with Matt and I, that is not an easy thing to do.

The tech was funny yesterday cuz Baby "A" (the boy) was showing his stuff no problem and she really really needed to look and search for the sex of Baby "B" (as the tech put it "not a boy"), she being a lil more modest. Makes sense, Brayden still would walk around naked and show off his stuff if we let him.


Miss Megan said...

YAY!!!!! One of each!!! HOW PERFECT!!!!!! This is so awesome, and I am so happy for you guys! How great that Matt will have a son of his own, and you will have a daughter!!! Woo hoo! You and KAN - due the same day - and both expecting one of each! AWESOME!!!!! Congrats momma!!!

Tessey Sue said...

That is so fabulous!!! Congrats!!!