Monday, June 7, 2010

Back to life, back to reality....

Fridays u/s went well and I was released to go to Disney - only if I stayed in a wheelchair. I was a lil annoyed by that but by the 3rd day I sure was grateful for that thing!
Disney was great - way too short - but great. I love that the kids are fun to be around now and are willing to go on rides (for the most part).
I figured I would toss a pic of here of my growing belly. Yow-za, I thought my 10 week belly bump was big..... it was nothing!
I took this today (yes, in the bathroom) and i think i am in my 16th week now. Maybe the 15th tho, cant keep that straight.
Feeling ok, weaning off the steroids so I assume that is why my joints hurt. Hoping the puffiness and acne will go along with the steroids tho.
Still on modified bedrest, that will continue until strict bedrest comes - hopefully later rather than sooner.
We are hoping the less I do now the longer I will be able to work. Makes sense, right? :-)


Miss Megan said...

You look ADORABLE!! Look at you!! GORGEOUS!! I think you are 16 weeks, I thought you were just two weeks behind me and I'm 18 weeks tomorrow=).
You look great hun, and I suspected that you would be pretty darn happy you had that wheelchair after a while! I bet the kids loved it too. . .no waiting for rides. . .score one for the home team!
I think your theory is correct - the less you do now the longer you will be able to work. . .I'm hoping for the same thing!! Keep up the good work momma!!

Tessey Sue said...

YAY! I am so excited to see your bump grow! You look damn fabulous! Now if only my uterus and hormones would get their $hit together so I could follow in your footsteps! LOL

Princess Chelsea said...

Thx ladies!
Yup, i am 2 weeks behind you Meg so thats good that i can still remember some things, lol.

Tessey - your on your way - and soon enuf you can post on your blog about the things you love about being preg instead of things you hate :-)