Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I can no longer sit Indian Style

or really any "style" for that matter. I am comfy for a lil bit then not so great and have to switch.

Anyway, not the reason for this post. 26 weeks and had a growth scan yesterday and it all went well. Babies are growing away just like singletons. Maddux is 2lbs and Alyssa is 1lb14oz. Both are in the 50th percentile. I still get nervous even tho I have so many u/s its hard to keep track. I dont feel Alyssa as much as i feel Maddux so I will start to worry that something is wrong sometimes. They both have anterior placentas so I am happy to feel anything but I asked the tech and she said that Maddux placenta is kinda by his head on top and Alyssa has a placenta that covers most of her body. She said that Maddux prob feels most of her kicks instead of me. They are both still breech and heartrates are pretty close to each other.
I will post the 3D pic we got of Maddux that is ok but nothing good of lil Aly, she kept putting her arms and hands in front of her face, she was not having any part of the pic taking.
Matt says Maddux looks like a frog but Harmony says he looks like an old man. She could pick out exactly where his face was and explained it to Matt cuz he said he couldnt see anything.
Babies still wont let anyone other than mommy feel their kicks/punches/movements. Each time someone puts their hand there, silence and calmness. Kinda funny. Matt says he will feel them when there are here.
I feel pretty crappy. The reflux meds seemed to work really well for 3 weeks or so of pure heaven but seems as tho they are loosing their magic. I now throw up in my mouth several times a day. Yuck. Doesnt matter what I eat either. I have an OB appt next week for yet another glucose test even tho I passed the first. I will ask him about the reflux at that point. I will not be looking at the scale from now on when I go to the OB. I have seen enuf! I will just now pretend I am not as big as I am and go on for the next 10 weeks in bliss. Plenty of time to diet after babies come!
I was able to give Roger an "end date" for working yesterday. Told him Sept 10th will be the end of the road for this preggo. He was fine with it, but what else is he gonna do. He still has not told me whether or not he will allow me to come as part time after babies are born. If not, I will find something else or watch a kid or 2 in the house part time. That will bring in just as much as working at the law office would so the only "bad" thing would be not being able to get dressed and out of the house at least 2x a week.
I look at Harmony and Brayden and can believe how old they are and how fast the time went and am so thankful I was able to be home with them just for those few years when they were little.
The "twin thing" is starting to freak me out more often now. Like how hard it will be and how much life will change in just a couple of months. All in a good way, but still freaky nonetheless.

Matt picked up the cribs and the dresser the other day. Dresser came in and I am slowly putting away clothes and diapers, etc in it. Cribs will prob come in next week and be put 2gether. Its like the slowest moving nursery ever. I wanna do it, I just have no energy to deal with it. Id love to have it painted, however, the thought of all that goes into that makes me sleepy so it may just stay blue, I'm sure Alyssa will not care :-)


Miss Megan said...

I SO wish I could stay home with the babies, especially after all the work we went through to get them! It's awesome that you will be home at least part time with them, if not full time. I am SO jealous!
My girlies don't like the u/s either, and weight gain, UGH, I'm getting close to the 200 mark so I am really going to stop looking because I just can't feel good about weighing that much - babies on board or not! I know I shouldn't care, but I do!
I hear you on the slowest moving nursery ever. . .ours is the same way. We finally have both of the cribs assembled and the mattresses in there, but that's about it. Dressers and changing tables still need to be painted, wall hangings need to be decided on and purchased. . .the only other thing I have done is washed all of the newborn clothes I have and a few blankets. I am SO tired all the time, I just don't have the energy to get it done, and I feel like such a slacker!! You're not alone Chels! But you are doing GREAT=). Those are some great baby weights by the way. They have no idea they aren't twins! Hehe!

Tessey Sue said...

You look absolutely FABULOUS! As usual.
There is a big bonus to the babies not moving for others you know= when you're trying to sleep at night and the kiddos think its time to play, just have daddy roll over and sleep with his hand on your stomach, and off to dreamland you go!