Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Point of Viability! 24 weeks

Not that I would want them born now but it sure is a very nice milestone. U/s last week went well and babies growing well. This week I had an appt with my GP, OB and an u/s for cervical check with the peri. Good thing I got them all done with yesterday! Everything looks good, cept my HUGE feet and ankles, good lord they are so big! They are sayin it is "normal" and not to worry unless my BP goes up and for now it is good. They do want me to have my feet up as much as possible and wear compression socks, lol, entering old lady territory there but whatever will help cuz they kinda hurt now, along with my hands. The wedding ring will go on, however, only if I rinse my hands with cold water and then quickly put it on. I'm sure in a couple weeks that option will be gone. Had glucose test and all was fine even tho i messed it up and fasted for the night instead of just 2 hours. Blood was all fine except that i am anemic. Not a huge surprise tho, I was anemic when preg with Brayden and took iron and I'm always "borderline" anemic just on a regular day so now just taking iron to help that. I have been on them for 3 weeks now and feel nothing different so I think I need more. Doc said they will test for GD and anemia again in 3 weeks.
Kicks or punches are getting more intense which is fun but these lil stinkers know when someone elses hands are on my belly and wont move. I think they think its funny. They were moving, shaking and dancing around in there and so i yell for Harmony to hurry so she runs downstairs and throws her hand on the most active part. Silence, nothing, no movement at all for an entire 5 min that she patiently waited there. 5 min after she left they started again, my hand or arm on my belly and no probs at all. Maddux did it to Matt last night too. Frustrating but kinda entertaining at the same time.
Doc said they would write me out of work due to the back pain and swelling but I think I will push it a bit further as long as it is safe. Id love to go to part time but don't know how to even bring it up with Roger. I suppose it's like a band-aid and I just gotta do it. I don't want to, I'd rather have him ask me but I'm sure he doesn't want to deal with it either. We are thinking I should work til September - mid September but I am shooting more for Sept 1st. Maybe I can even work part time, like 3 days a week from Sept 1 to the end of Sept. Id love to not have to come back at all, not cuz i dont love my job, but cuz i love the babies more. I was lucky enuf to stay home for a few years when Harmony and Brayden were born and it was very important to me. If that is not possible then the most I will work is part time, whether it be here or another place. It is nice to get out of the house when you have lil ones so that may be a good option. I deff don't make enuf to cover daycare costs here so no point, plus, I didnt work this hard to have these babies in order to allow someone else to enjoy them during the day :-)
Hopefully no bedrest. So far so good on that front. They keep telling me that it could be strict bedrest every other week when I go and they are happy to see all is still going well in there. From the very beginning we were told that bedrest or hospital bedrest was gonna happen so its nice to have made it this far without.
Feeling pretty good considering - I'm sore and my back kills plus now I have this awful pain down my left side when I walk, but usually only when I have been down for a few hours, like a nap or a nights sleep. Prob has something to do with the back issues, but also the weight I am carrying. Its a lot for me, well, really anyone!
I'm looking forward to putting the nursery soon. The piano left on Monday so there is a lot more room in there. The entertainment center will go too. All the other crap in there just needs to find a home other than in that room. Id love to paint but we will see how that goes. Id LOVE to paint it either light brown or cream and then on one wall put huge stripes with the other color but that sure seems like a big chore right now. Maybe I will just plan that for the future. Or maybe it will just stay that weird blue it is now.
Found a great dresser and 2 cribs that are gorgeous - just gotta figure out where everything is gonna go in there - kinda like a puzzle!
Anyway, things are pluggin along and once the room is started and then finished this may all seem real..... babies in just a few months.... holy cow!


Tessey Sue said...

Yay! So glad things are still going well. Don't be a glutton for punishment and push it by working longer than you should. Those babies are more important than a paycheck. It's better you leave sooner and enjoy the time hope preparing and spending time with the kids. Kinds of hard to be Mom when you're stuck on bed rest.

Linda said...

I agree. Take advantage of the rest while you still have a chance! You know once they are born you won't be resting at all! Love that they play games like that and won't kick or move when someone else touches. They are so your kids. LOL