Thursday, September 9, 2010

I guess I'm not immune

Turns out that I can in fact have the rhogam shot. The antibodies that showed up on my last blood test were there cuz they were left-over from the last rhogam shot I had when I was bleeding in this pregnancy. Yippie, so now I get to go back to the doctor again today. I was at my old RE’s office yesterday morning getting another IVIg treatment and I have 3 appts next week.

Friday is quickly approaching and as much as I am looking forward to being off of work I am pretty sad to be giving up such a great job. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my great job/boss. He knew everything we were going thru and never ever made me feel like all the time off I took would put my job in jeopardy. That lessened the stress of all the appts and such.
Very much looking forward to being a SAHM. I'm also glad that I will be able to cover at work when the "new me" goes on Vacation or has a sick kid, appt or whatever. I'm sure that will be a very nice break from home stuff. Taking a shower, putting real clothes on, giving someone else the joy of changing 20 diapers that day, not getting puked on for an entire 8 hour period..... sounds magical doesnt it? :-)

I have a few lunch dates over the next couple weeks, its gonna be fun to be off, even if I have to order bread and water, lol.
I have all these things that I want to do while I am off and before the babies come, however, my mind and my body don’t always want to do the same thing. I want to freezer cook, and make tons of things so I don’t have to cook for quite awhile but I know that just the grocery shopping will do me in so I have to be smart. I want to finish the nursery, but again, not so sure my body will hold up.
The doc said that most twin mommas stop working at about 28 weeks, I will be 30 so I feel good about that. I guess the pressure of the babies can cause pre-term or something. So with being home he says to do something then rest with my feet up, take naps, etc and I should be fine. And with having the whole day to do this stuff I can only hope that it will be fine. Now, even tho I dont do physical things here at work, just having to be here is difficult. Then all the after work things with kids school and such - anyway, being off will be very nice.

I have been taking some sort of injection for pretty much 3 years now and its getting to me. Today I needed to take my Lovenox injection and I just couldn’t do it. I looked at it several times and then put it back each time. I know it stays in my system for a few days so waiting til I get home wont make a difference. Its just weird that its hard to stick myself. It doesn’t hurt so I’m not so sure what my problem is.

Oh well, regardless, happy to be injecting and running to doctor appts.... very, very happy to be where I sit. Last year at this time I didnt think having a baby was possible - now I get to have two more. Won the lottery on that one!


Miss Megan said...

I think you did GREAT making it to 30 weeks!!! I understand how leaving your awesome job can be bittersweet, but it will be so worth it to be a SAHM with Maddux and Allysa that hopefully you won't even think about your job!! As you know, I'm incredibly jealous about the SAHM opportunity you have, and I am so happy that you are taking full advantage of it=).
And of course, enjoy your naps and your lunch dates, even if all you can afford is bread and water - LOL=).
I feel like I won the lotto too with these two little darlings. Feeling SOOOO blessed!!
PS - really - they still want you doing thing IVIg treatments??? Why?? They said themselves after 20 weeks that the babies could fend for themselves. . . .bizarre. . .

Princess Chelsea said...

Oh now they say its to prevent pre-term labor....not so sure I'm buying it. They wanted me to do double doses every two weeks. I said no to that. The ins has picked up that last 5 doses so that has been very very helpful but they are still making a killing off the treatments! It's been over a month since my last single dose and I'm thinking that will be my last one. The RE that passed away here in town where I go to get the treatments (so I dont have to drive to chicago) will be closing at the end of the month. Plus if I am home and resting more than pre-term labor is not as much of a risk as if I am working or whatever.
Maybe after the girls are born Si will change his mind about shelling out all the $$$ for daycare and stay home :-)