Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shoulda seen it coming

I had a 2 doc appts on tuesday. One OB and a growth scan with the peri. The Ob was first and all is well, greet HB's, weight gain and all that good stuff so i go upstairs to the u/s with the perientologist. They go thru the scans and i still make them show me heartbeats every time, even tho just 10 min prior to that i was hearing it at the OB. Anyway, i see this thing on Maddux's placenta and then i see the tech measure it. I knew something was up but they are not normally the person who says anything about it. The doc does. Now, i don't always see the doctor there usually they say "ok, all is great, see ya in 2 weeks". Not this time. She says they are done and that the doctor would be in shortly. SO now I know i was right that something wasnt right. I thought it as a bleed but it looked weird. It was a diff color than the rest of the placenta. Doc comes in and says that it is a tumor on his placenta. OY! Not what i wanted to hear. I was all ready for bed rest and some worry but not a frickin tumor talk. Not cool. I guess sometimes (and of course in my case it does happen) blood forms - kinda like a fibroid in the uterus, which i have several, and then stay around. Nothing you can do about it, nothing you can do to cause it.
He didn't seem worried and told me that i shouldn't be either, right.......
He said that what can happen is baby can be affected by it and get all bloated and retain a ton of water. If that happens they need to deliver. They checked for that and saw none, they also did not see any heart failure or issues with heart. Good news, but the tumor was not there 4 weeks ago when i was there. So you just never know what can happen. He said that it was worth them watching and me knowing about, but didn't want me to worry. Sure......
Im actually much more calm about it than one would think who knows me. Somehow i feel like it will be ok and so will he. I don't know if its denial or if i just have a motherly feeling about it. I am gonna go with the motherly feeling.
They are each 3lbs 1oz now and in the 38th percentile, which bothered me cuz they have always been in the 50th but they all said that is normal and even more normal for twins come the end since they run out of room. I am measuring 38+ weeks right now and i am 30 weeks so I may just believe them on that part.

Shower is this weekend and im getting excited, glad to be off of work now. Feeling more and more sore and exhausted but blood pressure is a-ok.

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Miss Megan said...

Holy geez! Can you not just have a plain old boring twin pregnancy please? Seriously?! I'm glad that the doctor doesn't seemed concerned, but really, what are you supposed to think when you KNOW it wasn't there four weeks ago and now it is? I don't think you can help but be worried, at least a little bit. I'm glad you aren't freaking out though! Your little ones have grown and are doing great! 3 lbs 10 oz is lovely!!!
They had told me that the further along you get with twins, the more they figure out (in utero) that they are twins and they don't grow as much. Dropping down in the percentiles is perfectly normal and is fine and is expected. My little ladies are freaks and aren't paying attention to the rules and are going up in percentages making mommy VERY uncomfortable. I wouldn't mind being in the 38th percentile at this point! You are doing GREAT momma!! You hang in there!
And woo hoo for your shower this weekend! It's going to be great!! Enjoy every second of it =)