Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Anxiously awaiting the Disney trip...... got the braces off, getting my hair done Wed after work and new contacts on Thursday......
Seeing the babies never gets old, I got to see them yesterday and will go back again on Friday afternoon. Love that!
I have also gotten to decrease my prednasone dose and will continue to do that until i am on 5mg and then i think they park me there for awhile but not sure. But I am really hoping some of this puffiness and ance will leave along with the prednasone - good lord! Ive only gained 6 or 7 pounds so i know that my face being all fat isnt from the weight gain!
Babies are looking good, measuring 3 and 4 days ahead and she said that is normal. They have everything where it needs to be and are the size of a large orange now. I'm hoping we can find out if they are boys/girls or one of each very soon. Looking forward to being able to call them him/her. Makes it much more real once you can call them a name, however, they will prob be nameless children since Matt and I will never agree on names.

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