Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good Golly Miss Molly!!

I have a lot of appointments! I thought I had a lot before but that as just a lil warm-up to what is in store for me now! I don’t quite know how I got to see so many doctors, but I do. Since I am “old” and having twins the OB sends me to have the ultrasounds done by a A Perintologist which is a fancy word for a high risk doctor, they spend an extra 2 or more years in college in specialized training. I also see the specialist every 2-3 weeks in Illinois for ultrasound and blood-work, Then see my OB every 3 weeks at this point for weight check (oh yippie!), measurements and such and now see the Perintologist every 2 weeks so he can check my cervix and every 4 weeks for growth ultrasound. Ummmm, yeah, not really sure how all of this is gonna work out since I only have ½ day a week off. I’m hoping that I can do the peri and the OB on the same days (most times) since they are in the same hospital and then they can all kinda fall in their own weeks but not quite sure if that’s the way it will go. If not, just more time off of work. Plus, the specialist STILL wants me to have IVIg treatments every 2-3 weeks but most of the time I can have it done while I am there, if not, then its just another appt here at the old RE’s office (the one who passed away).
I beginning to feel like the only thing I do is make and go to appts. It will only get worse as I get further along too. Its so very nice being monitored so closely, just wish it was in ONE place and ONE doctor since they all don’t agree on what my meds and plan of action should be. Oh well.
2 of the docs want me to stop the blood thinner injections and baby asprin but the specialist does not agree..... there is a lot of that going on!

At the growth u/s I had yesterday, Maddux was weighing in at 1lb 2oz and in the 45th percentile and Alyssa was weighing in it 1lb, 1oz. which is the 40th percentile. They are always so close - their heartbeats were 150 and 153 this time. They are obviously not identical, but they like to be similar. They also like to be breech, which is a-ok with me. Im sure they will turn the day b4 delivery just so I have to try to labor with them, sigh.
On a funny note about that, I was asked for the first time if they were identical AFTER I told this particular person I was having a boy and a girl. It was pretty funny cuz I said “yeah, they cant be since they are different sexes” and he (my orthodontist) got all flush and said “oh, yeah, that was really stupid, sure wish I could take that back”. I thought it was funny and I’m sure it wont be the 1st time I am asked that question.

I get to feel them more and more now - loving that! I used to be able to feel Maddux everyday but only if I was laying down on my left side. Now I feel them both moving around a lot more and even when I am sitting down. Sometimes its pretty hard even tho they are really small. I assume that is the time they are both doing something. Maddux seems more active tho.


Tessey Sue said...

But how are you FEELING? I'm sure all the appts can cause some chaos, but hopefully it isn't stressing you out.
I'm glad to hear everything is doing well right now and the babies are growing and are healthy.

Princess Chelsea said...

Sometimes it does stress me out, mostly cuz none of the docs agree on what I should be doing/taking so thats annoying. Im being seen by great doctors, each having a very strong opinion on what is best for me, ultimately leaving all decisions up to me since no one can agree. Weird how that works out. Plus the guilt of going to all these appts missing work but mostly guilt of not having time or energy to do things wiht the kids I have at home already. I waste all my energy on appts and work then have nothing left when I get home. Not cool - Only a few more months tho so that is good.
Not that i really think i will have tons of energy once they get here but at least i wont waste what i have on work. I dont really do much but just getting up and getting here is harder and harder, lol.
Oh well, no complaints - happy to be where i am!!
How are you hangin in there? Whats nextg for you now?