Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I feel the end of my working days

..... every morning when I get up for work I think “there is no way I’m gonna make it thru this day”. I can only imagine its gonna get worse.
When I look at the picture it doesnt look that big - and then I stand up to walk and I am reminded that it IS that big - lol.

I’m only 5 months right now but in the twin world that feels like the end. Luckily I know a couple other twin mommas that I can talk to that confirm that I am not just being over dramatic.
I wanted to work til at least September but I just don’t see that happening. My back problems are even worse than b4 I got pregnant, obviously, and all my joints hurt unless I am laying on my side. I feel like what I felt like when I was a few weeks away from delivery with Brayden.
No complaints tho, every day that I wake up still pregnant and in pain is a good day. Just kinda venting I suppose.
I’m still very restricted to what I am allowed to do, still pelvic rest which means no lifting, walking too much, etc. BUT I really want to get the nursery done or somewhat done very soon so that if I am to be put on strict bed-rest or into the hospital I wont be freaking out about that. I know that babies could care less and that is fine but I wont have any time or energy to do anything once they are here so I’d like to get going on it now.
The room is full of crap that needs to be moved to another area of the house or GoodWill but I can’t physically do it and Matt is busy working or putting the pool up or diggin something in the backyard...... I don’t think he gets why I want to do it now even tho I have explained it - oh, a million times.
On a more fun note, I feel them moving around at least a few times a day, not quite as strong or as frequent as I would like but I will take what I am given right now. Both babies have anterior placentas so they keep telling me it will take awhile for me to feel the movements - I don’t get that since they are inside ME, but I’m not gonna argue with the docs :-)

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Miss Megan said...

You're not being overly dramatic. Every morning when I wake up it takes every ouce of energy I have to get up, out of bed, in the shower, and to work. I can't make it to work now beforr 9:30. Today it was nearly 11 before I got here. Yeah, I'm going to have to reduce my hours pretty soon, or have to be allowed to work from home (I do have a laptop and can VPN in). I too thought I would make it until a minimum of 28 weeks, but every day gets harder! I celebrate each week I make it through and wonder how much different it would be if I was only carrying one baby!
Oh, and with the anterior placentas, only one of mine is anterior, BUT, in the last week I have felt her more and more every day and it is getting stronger. Si can't feel Olivia yet (she's on bottom) but he has felt Brianna, and you can actually see my stomach move when she gives me a decent kick now. Trippy! So you will be able to feel the kids more the further along you get! No worries there!
Oh, and I think you look absolutely adorable!!! So perfect!! Keep up the good work momma!!