Monday, July 26, 2010

23 weeks

Yes, all my pictures are taken in the bathroom at work. Not pretty but it is what it is.
I am gonna write about it on here so family and friends don’t need to hear me talk about it over and over - feeling the babies move is so amazing. Even more amazing than I remember. It's crazy that I may have taken this for granted when I was pregnant with the Harmony and Brayden. What was my problem, how could I not see how amazing this was? I loved feeling them move, I really did, but not like this, not even close. I get butterflies each time I feel a kick, punch, flip or whatever is going on in there. I smile every time it happens. As much as I cant wait to have them in my arms, I really think I may miss having them with me at all times.
Ok, so here comes the weird, pregnancy crazy lady - cheesy talk. I feel like I am special or something cuz I am the only one who gets to feel them move. Like we have a bond already, hard to explain really but I look at Matt and think how sad it is that he cant experience this. I'm sure he could care less since he has no idea what he is missing. Again, I dont remember feeling like this when I was younger. I loved having them with me but I sure don’t remember thinking how lucky I was to be the ONLY person in the world who had that with them. It's pretty damn cool.
They are the size of footballs now, maybe even as big as an overinflated football (pretty much what I feel like most days, lol). I have an appt to see them at the specialist this week and looking forward to it. Its really neat to see them move on the screen after I feel them move.
As much as I hurt or end up peeing myself when I sneeze just feeling them move makes it all alright.


Miss Megan said...

YOU LOOK GREAT!!! Just perfect!!! I love it! And who cares that you take the pics in the bathroom - at least you have a mirror big enough to take the pictures in! We don't. . .that's why Si always has to take my picture each week - LOL=).
I know EXACTLY what you mean about feeling special that you are the only one that can feel them move! I mean Si can too, occasionally, if his hand is on the right spot at the right time, but I feel ALL of the movements, every single one of them. . .and I LOVE it!
Are your ankles still swollen? Have you tried the compression hose yet? Have you decided how long you are going to keep working? My boss keeps asking me every time he walks into my office how I'm doing - like he's waiting for my cue to say I feel like crap and will be quitting working soon - LOL! Not any time soon for me unfortunately! I could sleep in until 10 AM every single day though. . .definitely getting tired again. . .and having a hard time sleeping. . .=). Let the games begin, right?
Glad to see you are doing well!

Princess Chelsea said...

My doc told me 2 weeks ago to go and get compression hose. I have not gotten to it yet. Do they work well?
I am super swollen, its ridiculous how HUGE my feet and ankles are - honestly!
I will work until i cant physically do it anymore or mid sept - whichever one comes 1st :-)
I actually feel better than i did 2 weeks ago, i think the babies moved off the back or something cuz its not quite as painful anymore. Im sure that will change tho. What about you? Working til????
The problem really is now I dont sleep well, or for the full night so i wake up around 3 or 4 and cant get back to sleep for a bit then wake up for work at 7. I think if I could wear a diaper to bed that would help, lol.

Tessey Sue said...

<- jealous.
You look beautiful!