Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trying to keep up with all the appointments!

Last week I was in IL twice, this week I was there once already and to the OB already and will have a treatment at my old RE’s office on Thursday morning. Next week I will be getting braces off, to IL twice and to the eye doctor. Phew, Im exhausted already! I do love seeing those babies tho :-)
So...... babies are doing well and growing like crazy which is wonderful! I started weaning off the steroids and soon the progesterone. The Blood flow is still a concern for baby A, when I am on the lovenox its perfect for both babies, but if I am bleeding or spotting I cant take the lovenox and baby A’s blood flow gets all screwy so then back on the lovenox and prob another tear. Kinda goes hand and hand I suppose. I really hope some of this bloating and puffiness will leave with the weaning of the steroids. I may be able to go off the metformin as well, yay, less pills to swallow down each day!
OB was able to find the HB’s right away this time and I am measuring at 17 weeks and am 13 weeks, I guess that is normal for twin pregnancy tho.
Wasn’t able to get anymore 3D pics of the babies, they move around way too much now. She said you cant get a good 3D or 4D picture when they are this active.
Tech at the specialist also said she was gonna try and check gender next Friday but she wasnt sure that she would be able to see anything. I am 13 weeks now and she said sometimes at 14 weeks they can tell but that the next week would be easier. Then my OB will do another scan in between 18-20 weeks for gender and to measure all the limbs and check the organs. Love having all these u/s’s!
Looking forward to the Disney Vacation!

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