Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I would have rather peed myself

**Things I never thought I would say**
Sunday I stood up from the couch and felt a gush...... thought to myself "did you just pee yourself, please let me have peed myself". But I didn't, it was blood and I freaked. Obviously.
Went over to ER and after 2 HOURS they finally gave me an u/s to see if the babies were ok. Ugh, 2 hours. Why would they take my blood, blood pressure, temp, do a pap, etc THEN check for heartbeats? What would any of that matter if they were gone? Whatever, I wasn't in my right mind otherwise I would have asked.
Both babies were there snug in my uterus and moving around with heartbeats, thank goodness! Heartrates were great and they labeled me as a "threatened miscarriage" and a subchorionic bleed. Which from what i can understand is when the placenta tears away from the uterus and bleeds. They don't know why people get them and there is nothing you can do to cause them or keep them away. Some of the "lucky ones" just get to have them. Lucky me.
I was put on modified bed rest with no work until I could see the doctor. I saw my regular OB and the nurse over at old RE's yesterday and babies were still good. I was told I could come to work 2day but to use the elevator, etc.
I guess what you need to be careful with these is making them bigger. They can go away on their own and cause no issues at all but if they get bigger instead of smaller then they will make you miscarry. So if I wasn't on "light duty" before I sure as hell am now.
Every cramp makes me think but I am trying to stay positive. The specialist said this could happen cuz of the blood thinner injections so this was not a complete shock - just didn't want it to happen. Would have rather have been the person who didn't bleed while pregnant and on blood thinner - wishful thinking I suppose.


Tessey Sue said...

I saw the first two lines in my Google reader, and realized I was holding my breath as the page loaded and I read the rest. That's some scary business. I'm so glad you and the babies are ok!!!

LiLu said...

Oh my goodnses, terrifying!!! Glad you and your bebes are okay!