Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The other day I got a bill from a card that I never use. It has some money on it that Jen pays every month tho so a bill does come every month. Well, I looked at it - which I never really do since I don’t use it - and turns out there are 2 charges for MYFITNESS for $29.99 . I have no idea what that is so I try the number on the bill.... yeah, it was busy..... for 2 days! So I googled it - gotta love that - and turns out that several other people have had this issue AND have tryed to call a busy line. Funny. So I called Citi card and the lady that I talked to said I was not the 1st or even the 5th person to call with this same problem. She looked at other bills and sure enough a total of 4 charges of $29.99. $120.00 they got out of me. DAMN!! They sent me copies of the other bills and I am disputing the charges.
The credit card company stopped that account and sent me another card so they are not able to charge the old one anymore.

Man, that sucked, what a waste of a few hours to deal with that.


Anonymous said...

DAMN !!!!!!!! How long before you get that taken off your card ? I'll have to check my statements more carefully ! *&$#%^& !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonder how they get away with it. I made a call from Frankfurt, Germany to the US via a telephone thats there in every corner and they charged me $60 for 30 seconds. Turns out its fraud since I call their number and no one picks or its busy. Googled and found there were many more victims. I couldnt do a thing because the credit card company will not dispute it since I made the call.

How is it so easy for them to get away with this crime?

Princess Chelsea said...

It takes a long time to get it off the card, it could be months.
I have no idea how they get away with that stuff!!! Makes me mad-
i really concider myself lucky cuz the lady at the credit card company was very helpful - it was ever her idea to look into past months to see if they did it there too, which they did. I was very lukcy to get her on the phone instead o f something else