Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ticked off at the cost of scripts!

Harmony has KP, whoopee, annoying but not deadly. We have been dealing with this since birth, practically. I had it as a kid and at least 70% of the population has it. Im sure its worse cuz we reside in the lovely non-sunny state of Wisconsin.
Anyway, we have gone thru every lotion and cream around and have been given tons of scripts to use, most of them are steroid creams, they work but they also thin the skin and that cant be good long term.
So i figured it was time We went to the dermatologist again and made an appt last week - it seems to be getting worse and I wanted him to try something new with her, he has this new foam stuff that he said was so new that we were the 1st of his patients to try it. He sent us away with a sample bottle, a paper script, a coupon and some hope, lol.
The pharmacy had no idea what the stuff was and didnt carry it. They ordered it for me. Now, I wasnt really freakin out since our insurance is crazy good but figured it wouldn't be cheap. 1 bottle of this sh*t would have cost us $155.00 and was only about a months worth. We paid only $13.00 so great for us but what about the poor lil kid that doesn't have insurance - good lord, WTF is wrong with those companies?!?!?!?
I have spent so much on different lotions that this was just a drop in the bucket but honestly couldn't understand how it is that they can really put such a huge price tag on something for frickin KP. It wont kill ya - its just annoying and not pretty to look at. It doesnt even hurt for crying out loud!

She has been using for about a week now and it looks a little better, nothing what you would think for that price. She says it is working and she likes the foam better than lotions and creams so that is good for her, that's what matters I suppose.


Anonymous said...

How is she feeling now?-H

Princess Chelsea said...

Honestly, I think it looks worse. She keeps telling me that its better but I can see that its not. Maybe it feels better to her. You would think that for as much as that crap cost her skin would be soft as a baby' butt!

Maybe she will just grow out of it like it did, i feel bad cuz i know how much it bugged me as a kid! It doesnt seem to bug her as much as it does me tho, lol