Monday, March 30, 2009

Vacation this weekend!


At the end of this L-O-N-G week the family will be leaving on a jet plane to Texas. I have never been to Texas and very much looking forward to going there, mostly because it’s a warmer state and I am sick to death of Wisconsin gloom, ugh!
The kids are so super duper excited to leave cuz they have tickets to Wrestle Mania 25. They can barely contain their excitement. Harmony has saved money for her own souvenirs and is collecting money from the kids at school to get them something at the main event. Brayden has a lil bit of money but I assume he will be quite pissy when he is proven wrong and cant buy anything cool with 15 bucks. I am pretty sure he will live and be just fine tho.

I cant believe how happy I am to get out of town for a bit, life isn’t as busy as it normally is but I still am just giddy about leaving and maybe, just maybe, seeing and feeling that sun-shine for a few days! I am not looking forward to wearing shorts but I guess thats the price ya gotta pay!

Baseball season is coming up quickly and I am excited about that even tho there are 2games a week and then at least 1 practice so our lives pretty much revolve around that. Thats ok, it forces me (and Harmony) to go out into the world and not hide in the house which we tend to do a lot.

I have put into effect a very strict budget and thinking about opening an ING account for long term savings. Im hoping that I can stick to the budget, I don’t spend all that much on unnecessary things so it may be hard to save more - I’m sure there are things I can stop buying or shave off from some expenses.
We are planning a trip to Disney in April of 2010 and are not going to use any credit cards so we have to save about $500 a month to make it a nice trip where we don’t have to stay in a budget hotel or only eat chips and drink water for the whole week, lol. To be perfectly honest the kids are way more excited about the trip to Wrestle Mania then they are about the trip to Disney - go figure.

So after deciding that I will no longer be using fertility treatments now I have to get my body back on track - after almost 2 years of manipulating ovulation, etc, my body is pretty out of wack. I am on cycle day 39 or so right now when my cycles are normally (without medication that is) 32 days on the dot. I know I am not pregnant so I am just waiting on that lovely period now, who know when she will show. I didnt pay any attention this month to what day I was on or if and when i would ovulate, it was so nice not having to think about that crap. :O)

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