Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Double Digits!

Entering week 10 of this pregnancy - YAY! This pregnancy could not be moving slower for me but getting closer to the wonderful 2nd trimester!
Baby A is on top and he/she was laying weird so the pic is wacky. The baby was laying upside down kinda like on the placenta, as if using it like a body pillow or something. Baby B was chilling upright and in perfect position for a photo op!

U/s was yesterday and babies both growing and thriving the way they should.
Its amazing all that you can see, they have their lil brains so their heads are no longer empty, they look more like actual babies and less like aliens or blobs now. their interestines are still in the amblilical cord but their lil hearts are beating and beating quickly. They are the size of prunes but much cuter and have graduated and are now called "fetus's" instead of "embryos".

I will be going for another double dose treatment of IVIg next week, however the tech is on vacation (how dare she) so she wont be able to scan me next week. I am hoping that they will let me do the treatment here at my RE's office instead of driving all the way there but who knows what the doc will want. I just hate to take more time off if i dont need to since i have my 1st OB appt next week. Im going to try to talk them into doing an u/s at the OB just so i can see them next week and dont have to wait the whole 2 weeks to see them again but we shall see :-)

I am feeling good all in all but exhausted all the time, esp at night. Im not throwing up but i have headaches all day and I am irritable most of the time. Plus, I have the WORST acne, geesh, its like worse than a 16yr old fry cook for crying out loud! Every day I wake up to another zit and my back and chest are horrible, super ugly. I'm quite sure I am gaining weight since my clothes are all tight and most pants dont button and if they do, they are not staying that way for long. I think I would must rather have the symptoms I have instead of throwing up. That is no fun at all.


Christa said...

YAY babies!

Miss Megan said...

They are SOOOOO adorable! Congrats on hitting double digits momma! Sorry your skin has dive bombed backwards into your teenage years! I have definitely had a couple of zits here and there (always on the right side of my face - weird), but not horrible or anything like you are describing!
And for the record - I am SO glad I don't have daily headaches! I had a sinus headache yesterday and I thought I was going to die! I would rather puke then have to deal with that every day! Funny that we prefer our own symptoms to someone else's! LOL!
Glad you and the babies are doing well hun!!

Tessey Sue said...

OMG! Just sat down and cried my way through your last month worth of postings! I couldn't possibly be more thrilled for you! It's amazing, and you have two beautiful little babies there. I understand that it is still scary, but I hope you quickly reach the point where you can let the joy overrule the worry. Congratulations!