Friday, April 9, 2010

Another round of Happy Tears

We had another u/s yesterday and got to see both babies thriving and those lovely flickering heartbeats. We got to see the whole in their heads where the brain will go, each of their spines and lil arm and leg buds for each of them. Absolutely amazing! I had a few tears, tears of joy this time but nothing like that time. At least I was able to keep my composure somewhat this time, lol.
Its crazy how much you can see at this point, I mean they aren’t any bigger than a blueberry.
She gave us a 3d pic which really looks like a blob for each of them but they are gorgeous nonetheless.
I asked for a due date and I need to make an appt with my OB. They don’t actually give “twin due dates” which I thought was weird but what do I know. They said my due date is Nov 22, 2010 but that they would be happy if I made it to the end of October. Lil pumpkins we shall have. Or lil turkeys if they feel like hanging out there longer. Either is fine by me.

My natural killer cells are not good news tho. They don’t want to give up the fight. Stupid things, just give up and be gone. You never want to hear your doc say “we just don’t see numbers that high here” or “we have a handful of patients that we have seen this on”, etc. Esp when she is using air quotes when she says “handful” ugh.
They should be under 12%, mine are 46%. Almost half - not cool. I did another double dose of the IVIg and they have me on the steroids still but she says that I have to wean eventually cuz its not safe to stay on them much longer and deff not past the 20 week mark. Then she started on about all the crap that can and will happen - toxemia, pre-eclampsia, bone density issues and then the best part was when she started talking about how once the babies are big enuf to fight off the Nkcells then they will attack my liver and such. Very nice. Its not like this is new to them so I’m not afraid she doesn’t know but she said she cant give me a permanent answer on how many more weeks of IVIg or steroids or medication I will be on cuz it’s a balance of everything and everyones body is different. Oy!
Isnt it funny how I am not afraid of what will happen to MY body but if something is said about the babies health I freak and over-react? Its gotta be a mom thing. I dunno but its strange.

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Christa said...

♥♥♥♥♥ love it! my new niece and nephew! ♥♥♥♥♥♥