Friday, April 2, 2010


OMG, I cant remember a more exciting day - I felt like my heart was going to just fall right out of my body as I was waiting for her to say that all was ok. I don’t remember walking into the u/s room, or getting undressed but I do remember shaking while I was waiting. She saw the heartbeat #1 and then #2 b4 I did and I thought that was gonna be hard cuz I was looking and looking very hard!
I think the last time I felt that type of excitement or rush was when the kids were actually born. It was amazing. I shook the rest of the time I was there and when I got up to stand I thought my knees may buckle. It was a strange feeling. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was in total shock.
Both babies have great HB right now, 120 and 124 which is fast, but very normal for a baby at this point. Baby B’s gestational sac is smaller than it should be but nobody seems to be really concerned about that since it is growing. I guess what they don’t want is for the baby to grow and not the sac cuz they baby would run out of room. We are so hoping that both babies continue to fight, grow and progress the way they should.
I cried, and cried a lot, at the ultrasound which is totally not like me. I never cried at the u/s that went badly. Its not that I don’t cry, I just don’t cry in front of people. The shower is my “break-down and lose it place” however I just couldn’t control it. The tears came and they didn’t let up the whole time. I even apologized to the u/s tech cuz I couldn’t believe I was letting go in front of her. Not a typically Chelsea response but that’s ok.

After all the excitement died down, I was exhausted. More exhausted than I think I have ever been. My body and brain could not do anything. I think I used up every ounce of energy before the u/s and then afterwards just being shaky and happy.
I started to think about how lucky we are right now and how happy I am right at this moment but then wondering why we got so “lucky” which is weird since for the last 3 years I have been saying how we deserve this. Its weird, once you are given something you then wonder if you are deserving. Its hard to explain.

Anyway, we can breathe for now, I will have an u/s every week to measure babies growth and make sure all is well. I had my blood drawn yesterday to see about the natural killer cells and to see if I need a treatment next week or if I can push it to every 2-3 weeks. It will all depend on what the blood-work says.

Im super bloated and my pants are really uncomfy so I try to wear stretch or the bellaband thingy which is very nice, obviously invented by a lady who was sick of not being able to wear regular clothes while preggo or post. Im not hungry but I can eat if that makes sense. I am just not interested in eating but don’t really have any aversions that would keep me from eating. I sure hope that I end up being one of those “lucky” ones who doesn’t end up with horrible morning sickness but only time will tell. I read that most twin preggos are sicker than dogs by now so I’m just hoping that isnt a bad sign. I don’t feel great, I have headaches pretty much all day and feel dizzy and a lil sick to my tummy from time to time but nothing crazy. I never threw up with either of the pregnancies with the kids, just felt crappy for a few months so maybe thats just how my body is. I did, however, GAIN over 80 pounds with each pregnancy - ouch!

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Miss Megan said...

YYYYAAAAAYYYYY!!! CONGRATS!! So happy for you, Matt, the kids, and your new babies!! Woo hoo!! I knew all would be well at the u/s yesterday!!
It really is so amazing to see the two beating hearts, and you really just sit there in awe. I think it is sweet that you cried! I couldn't say anything or do anything but just stare at the screen. It's amazing to say the least!
I will say that I am uber jealous that you get an u/s every week! Right now I get them every 10-14 days, but soon that is going to change to once every 3-4 weeks (YIKES!). You are one lucky duck!!
And I hope you can push off the Ivig treatments to 2-3 weeks apart - that would be awesome. Oh, and enjoy NOT being sick. If you really feel the need to have some, I will give you some of mine!
Oh, and I agree on the belly band. I'm loving it right now. At first I wasn't a big fan, but I think it grew on me. I look huge (I think anyway), but the maternity clothes just look silly - you can't tell I'm pregnant at all with them on. What fun is that?!
Okay, I will stop typing now. A million congrats your way! FINALLY! You really do deserve it! Don't question it!!