Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another week down.....

Up until 12 weeks I will have an ultrasound every week - yay! I went in last Thursday but they didn't have room for me on Thursday or Friday so i got to go in early - yesterday. I didn't mind at all :-)
Its crazy how much the babies grow in just 5 days. They are looking less blob-like and more alien-like now. Pretty fun!
Both babies are measuring exactly 8 weeks and their heartbeats are exactly the same at 169. Crazy, they are competitive already. Deff gotta be Matt and my babies! The tech thought that was funny cuz most times they measure a lil off and HB's are not the same like that. Cute lil buggers.
I'm feeling a lil queasy all day but what is worse are the constant headaches and "shaky feeling". I'm eating so its not that making me shaky, not quite sure what that is all about but part of pregnancy i assume.
During the u/s they found a tear and a bleed. They were not surprised at all since i am on lovenox this happens a lot. The good news is that it is small and my body already started to clot it and take care of it. I am not allowed to take the blood thinner (lovenox) injections at all for the next few days and when I start back up again I can only take 60mg/day instead of the 100mg/day that I was taking. I am also on more light duty. Not that anyone really let me do anything b4 this u/s but now i have to be even more careful. I talked the doc into letting me go to work only cuz I sit at a desk all day. Promised her I would take the elevator and wouldn't bend/lift at work then go home and put my feet up. They didn't seem overly alarmed by the bleed so I'm gonna take from them and not be overly alarmed. Life will be slow for a bit but it does have to go on. Things to do - yanno.
She told me not to shop, which i thought was a funny thing to bring up, but she said the extra walking, bending, trying things on, etc can stress the uterus and make the tear bigger which is not what they want. Im so exhausted that shopping is not on my list of things to do anyway so Im alright with that for now!
The babies each have so much already! They are forming ears now or at least the holes for the ears and they each have a placenta and cord already. Its so neat to see it all so early. This pic is 3D so it looks weird but you can see that they have huge heads and lil arm and leg buds from the pic. Baby A is on the left and is in a better position to be able to see all that stuff. Looks like a lil gummy bear right now.

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Kelly said...

How neat Chelsea! The babies look beautiful!

Kelly Hafele