Monday, February 22, 2010

Better news and AWFUL news.....

So I go to the doc nice and early this morning in a pretty good mood considering I have been injecting hormones that make me a crazy person for the last 4 days. I go in and something just isnt right, the nurse who is ALWAYS like a cheerleader is so down and wont look me in the eyes - great - what is going on now, of course I figure they will tell me my cycle is off and to go schedule my hysterectomy cuz my child bearing days are o-v-e-r! Nope - my doctor passed away on Saturday. He was at the office doing his thing then went home and later that night his wife found him dead. They don't even know why at this point, very healthy man. Ugh, how awful for these people. There is no other doctor in the practice so they will all lose their jobs.

Which brings me to how selfish this whole infertility makes you. After the news and I felt bad for everyone who just lost someone they loved very much, I thought "what about me? What am I gonna do?". So I sheepishly asked the question and lead off with "I'm so sorry to ask this but......." what do I do now, who will help me now. I finally found a doc that I felt was gonna help me and wanted to do the same things that I did, someone who understood me and how aggressive i wanted to be and now he's gone. What do I do now. I felt horrible asking but I had to. There is a doctor who Dr Katayayma trusted and was very good friends with that has graciously said he would take in anybody in mid-IVF cycle. He is out of Waukesha Memorial - I gotta go with if the doc I trusted trusted this doc then he is the way to go. I have asked to make an appt with the doctor to see if he and I are on the same page as far as all of this goes. Now, they are all still in shock over there and trying to go over everything and notify patients, etc so she asked if i could give her a few days to get me the info I need for the other doctor. I have appts on Wed, thurs and Friday so I am sure that will be fine. The other "issue" is the IVIg treatments which this new RE does not do, does not know about and prob would laugh at so i need to talk to the other specialist in Illinois to get that now. WOW, what a morning.
When I was pregnant with Harmony I saw my OB and the week later got a letter telling me he was choosing not to be a doctor anymore, wasn't retirement, just didn't want to be a doc anymore. I freaked then found another doc. I guess i would rather that have happened than someone lose his life. So sad.
Anyway, the better news is that I now have 6 measurable follicles on the right side and 3 on the left so 9 total instead of the 3. They all may not continue growing but at least there are more to see at this point.

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