Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am the person I hate here at work

I am that person, that person who calls constantly even tho they continue to say they will get the doctor a message - ugh, I hate that when people do it to me - but here I am in that same place.

I have called and left 2 messages, but called much more than that, over to the specialist in Illinois about my natural killer cell count but now I am getting panicky about it all. I can only assume they are not around on the weekends and since it takes a minimum of 24 hours to get the IVIg treatment to the office and an hour for me to get to their office - time is really running out. The nurse yesterday cuz one of my injections out completely and cut the other down again to half of what I was taking and added the other injection to stop my body from ovulating on my own. The have me scheduled to go back in Friday morning to look and measure but didnt want me to take any stimulation medication at all b4 I go in 2moro. The have me in the book for egg retrieval on Monday, which is great cuz less time on stims and injections is alright with me - however, that is way faster than I was ready for, esp since the death of Dr Katayama took everyone out of commission for a couple days.
Still haven’t heard from the new doc about what he is like or meeting with him, guess thats out of the question at this point. We will meet as I am going into a Valium induced state of happiness.
I have been lucky enuf to talk to others who are in the same place i am right now and another lady who actually did an IVF cycle - which resulted in her baby girl - with this new doctor so that eases my mind. She has also been told that even tho he is VERY conservative he will be doing all cycles the way Dr K would have done them, again, putting my mind at ease.
Im just worried about the NKC treatment and taking off of work all those days. IF i hear back from them i would need to go and have the treatment 2moro (also a blood flow u/s to make sure its all good in there) so there is 1 day off of work - very short notice. THEN if Monday is the ER date then I will be useless that day, cant come back to work after ER. So there is another day off. And since it falls on a Monday and i dont have tons of eggies to work with I can only assume I will do a day 2 or 3 transfer so that means off either Tues-Friday or wed-Friday. Again, short short notice.
I feel awful cuz I hate leaving him high and dry, I hate coming to him to tell him that I will need all this time off. I think if he was an a-hole it would be easier. But he isn't and would never tell me that i couldn't have off, I just know how crazy the phones are and that I am the only person who can do it. He cant even turn on the computer so its not like he is gonna pop out a brief or divorce papers. He will pretend its not a big deal and wish me luck - but i know it stresses him out. How could it not?


Kelly said...

I'll be thinking of you for your retrieval, and watching for word of transfer. 9 follies would be great!

Your boss sounds like a great guy, but he also probably knows that when this works, you won't be the pregnant lady calling in sick to work because you're tired.

Good luck Chelsea!


Princess Chelsea said...

kelly - your funny! He is a great boss, great guy. I am very lucky to have this job and know him and his family.
We got either 9 or 10 eggs, i heard 10 and then doc said 9 so who knows. I was pretty drugged up. I will hear today how many are good and fertilized and when the transfer is.

PS, got your email and glad you got some help. Ive been thinking about you and yoru situation lately.