Friday, February 19, 2010

Trying not to freak

Today was my "clearing u/s" to make sure all was ok to get started with the injections for IVF. Everything went well except the u/s was super fast so of course i had to ask how many follies she saw to start with. Yeah...... 3, THREEEEEEEE f-ing follies. To all of you non IVF'ers - that is not a good clearing appt. I think the only thing worse would be to be told you had none and to go home to never return. Why the hell would I pump hormones in mega doses into my body for 3 follies, why would I go thru the pain (emotional and physical) of the egg retrieval process to have three follies? I suppose because its 2 more follies than what i would have on a regular cycle, but still. When you go with IVF the point is to get way MORE follies than you would normally have. I was hoping for 40 but more realistically just 10-15 would have made me happy.
I left with tears in my eyes - deff not a cry, but wet eyes nonetheless.. The nurse said that sometimes after a few days of the injections some secret ones pop out, but I think that was to make me feel better. She took blood and said that she would talk to the doc about what his thoughts were on the whole thing. **Sigh**. Now I sit and wait for the call.....
Im trying to not do what I normally do and doom the whole cycle already and I think I am doing better, but deff not able to look at this as a good thing, just yet.


Miss Megan said...

OH NO Chels! I am SO sorry. 3??? Really??? Can't they go back in and see if they can see more antrals??? 3 is SO not worth it. UGH. I mean, more could pop up. . .right???
I was so hoping for them to tell you you had 20 antrals to work with. This is a sucky blow, and I'm really sorry hun. Please keep me updated to what you decide to do. . . would it make sense to wait and see how many you end up with next month? Like go back on BCP for two weeks or something and then look again? Is that an option?

Princess Chelsea said...

we thought about that and the doc wasnt concerned so figured we would go ahead with the meds and see if we saw more at the first scan, which you know we did. Not a ton, but still more than 3 so that is good.