Friday, February 5, 2010

A little explanation.....

I feel like I should explain a little about why I am on sooooo many medications. Some, if not all of you know but i was thinking about it last night and it seems so normal to me, however, if i was reading this I would wonder what the hell was wrong with me and why sooooo many medications! Geesh!
After having the 1st miscarriage the doc said "this just happens, its bad luck", after the 2nd we were give the same bogus answer of "bad luck" the 3rd and 4th were pretty much handled the same way until i pushed. FINALLY i found a doctor that was willing to test me for some things that were not "the norm" and tons of crazy a** stuff came up.
Turns out that I dont have 1 or 2 or even 3 mutated genes that cause clotting and "thick blood" issues, i have FOUR of them. Thx to my wonderful genes and my age, I continue to lose pregnancies. Actually, the number 3 comes up in this too cuz although i have 4 mutated genes, 2 of them are exactly the same so actually only 3 different genes, there is my number again, lol.
So thats where the baby aspirin and blood thinner injections come into play. They will thin the blood so that it can flow better to the uterus and thicken up my uterine lining so that there is a nice cushion for the embryo(s) to burrow into. It will also help later on in the pregnancy with blood flow. The double mutated MTHFR (by the way it is shortened, im sure you can sound out what I call that damn thing!) also makes it almost impossible for my body to break down folic acid which is so important for a babys eye and brain development. It also interferes with the way my body takes in and processes Vit B6 and Vit B12 which are important for many reasons but very important in the world of fertility. That is where the medication Metnax comes in. There are super mega doses of B12 and 6 in there and the folic acid is already broken down for my lazy a** body.
Now, there is also something else going on in my body most of the time - I have a really high Natural Killer Cell count, Natural killer cells are in everyone,no whoop, they are good things to have, they help to fight off colds and such. Cept mine are super pumped up like on speed and want to fight everything off, including a baby. Great, thanks. I guess its just like a little kid who wants to do something great like make breakfast for you and when you wake up and come downstairs you are greeted with your great grandmothers broken china in the trash, sticky juice all over and a HUGE mess to clean up and a pile of dog poop strategically placed under your foot as get to the bottom of the stairs - Nice gesture, but lets not go there again. I dont get sick really ever, but I also lose babies. I'll take the cold thank you very much.
So that is where the steroids come in to play - they will calm those lil buggers down (or suppose to anyway) so they aren't so powerful. The very expensive IVIg treatments are basically the same but more powerful and less side effects to the treatment. Steroids sure do make you feel good while you are on them but you can have some crazy things happen due to steroids - Fragile bones is one so that is where the 1000mg of extra calcium comes in.
I think that covers all the extra vitamins and scripts - wait, Vit be perfectly honest, I cant remember why the extra Vit E. I'm sure I could call and ask but I don't really feel like it so we will just say its for the skin.
I will not be going to acupuncture this time around - the cost makes me more stressed so it just isn't worth it. I will be drinking at least 70oz - or at least trying to - of water a day. Now, I am not a fan of water, I don't hate it as much as I did 2 years ago, but I have a strong, strong dislike for the stuff. I would much rather be drinking a Diet Dew, but you do what you gotta do. I gave up soda over a year ago but I do treat myself to one at least a couple times a week. Gives me something to look forward - gosh, that is sad.
The water counteracts the possible OHSS which is over hyper stimulation syndrome that can come with all the high doses of hormone that i will be pumping into my body. It can be serious, I believe your body holds all the liquid and you have to go and have your ovaries drained of liquid so that they don't explode - youch! So they want you to drink tons and tons of water to help that. I haven't had any problems in any of the 8 injection cycles so I'm not real concerned but I will drink the water anyway.

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