Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feeling very savvy today

I am convinced that the insurance company makes things incredibily difficult on purpose so that you will eventualy give up and just pay so they dont have to. They are probabbly right in most cases, they got me for over two years with that crap. Now, becuase i have been doing this crap for way too long, i now have the upper hand - or at least i think i do. I bet in a couple years i will find out they would have paid me to take the medication if i tried harder, lol.
I just got off the phone wiht the "speciality pharmacy" aka the one the insurnace gets the best deal from. Its slow as hell and they arent the nicest people in the world but deff worth doing it this way.
When i first started all this mess i was THRILLED to find out that the $3,000 worth of meds were only gonna cost us $300.00 only to find out there was a WAY better deal out there. Those meds, had i gone with the "speciality" pharmancy would have cost us about $40.00. Oh well, live and learn in this game.
I have ordered the medication for the IVF round - all the injections, syringes and such and after adding it all up, there is more than $8,000.00, if not more (if no insurance coverage) worth of medication coming my way...... my price $120.00. Apparently i pay a co-pay of $20.00 per grouping. There is one script i could get at walgreens for $8.00 instead of the $20.00 but it is totally not worth calling and tyring to get that one lonely script out of their hands and into Walgreens. No thank you, I'll just pay the $20.00.
I feel not only savvy right now but very very fortunate - fortunate for the insurance, even if they want to make my life difficult. Without them none of this fertility hell would be possible. So if you are gonna have to go thru this all, having to pay only $120.00 for meds sure does take lots of added stress off the shoulders.
Yay me! :-)

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