Monday, March 1, 2010

The call I’ve been waiting for!

The call from the embryologist - not as bad as expected so that is always a nice plus.
Got 10 eggs:
8 mature
1 immature
1 degenerate ( i think that means too mature)
Out of the 8 only 6 fertilized.

They will watch the other 2 but don’t expect much from those slackers.
I wanted to transfer all 6 on Wednesday but she said the doc wouldn’t do that as of now since they all look "normal". So what we will do is transfer the best 2 on Wednesday and then again the best 2 on Friday. Its called a subquential (spelling?) transfer. And then the chance of the other 2 being any good for freezing would be 10%.
I don’t understand if they think they only have a 10% chance of “taking” then why they wouldnt just put them in. Dr K and I talked about it and he agreed to put in even the ones that they call “non-viable” and now they wont do it. I am NOT happy about that at all but I have to move on. Can't argue and piss off the person who will be “watching and caring” for your embryos. Would hate to have an accident occur in the lab, yanno?

My issue with it all and I’m sure she is quite annoyed with me, but she will get over it, is that we have NEVER made it to day 5 (which would be Friday) so why would I push it to day 5 with so little amount of embryos? Doesn’t make sense to me to "push my luck" where I have 2 other cycles that show the embryos don’t make it that far but so we chose to do the above type of transfer. I can also choose to put 4of the best in on Wednesday (a day 3 transfer) if they don’t look that great that day. And then hope we chose correctly and that the others would make it to blast to be frozen on day 5 or 6.

I don’t know how to feel about it all, I am very happy to have more to work with and she just kept saying “if they are gonna work then they will, nothing we can do about it”. I don’t like that but I know she is right. Its gotta be pretty easy to say that when its not YOUR last chance or YOUR embryos or YOUR dream.


Miss Megan said...

YAY Chels for 6 fertilized!!! That is GREAT!!!!
Boo for your substitute RE saying two on day 3 and two on day 5. . .I mean it's a great concept, but if your embies have never made it to day 5, why on earth would you plan that way?
If your embies don't do incredibly well (which I hope the opposite), will they put them all in on day 3 then??? It's frustrating that she isn't following the plan that was determined between you and your RE prior to his passing. That stinks.
You've got the right outlook though - when life hands you lemons, make lemonade! You have great news so far, and I'm hoping it continues!!

Princess Chelsea said...

i think this embryologist thinks she can make the calls now that dr K is gone, lol. I dont know what we will do but if you can beleive this that lil lady told me "i wont even look at or check the embryos until you come in on wednesday", wow, great, thx lady. Thx for making me feel like they could all take a nose dive in your care and you wouldnt even know, geesh!
She kept saying that they would "never" put all 6 in but then she said that the likelihood of the last 2 making it to be frozen was less than 10% so why not put those back in too? Why let them die in the lab. Dr K told me he wouldnt let that happen. I may call over and see if i can meet with the new doc sometime b4 wednesday but i assume not since he is an OB and has his own patients and practice.