Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2WW hell!!!

Feeling pretty crummy 2day, physically and emotionally. Just drained I spose, don’t really know exactly what it is. I still have all the pregnnacy symptoms from the trigger shot and as they go away I feel sad, as much as I hate feeling like that and not being pregnant, I am reminded as they go away that this may not happen, again.

I am still feeling sore and full in my lower abdomen as well as having a ridiculous sense of smell. Sitting at the dinner table last night I was overwhelmed with stinky feet smell, even so much that I pulled mine up to smell them at that table. They were Braydens feet and no one else could smell them.

Also still very bloated and watching for OHSS, basically over-hyper stimulation. Gaining weight fast and really bloated are 2 big signs. Since I had so many follies I have to be careful of it. Been drinking lots of water and gatoraid “type” beverages to keep that at bay.
I will be going in on Friday to have my progesterone checked. I know its pretty high right now from those symptoms but I will start taking the progesterone supplements 2nite so in 2 days it should be really high!

Today I am 4dpiui (days past iui) and counting....... feels like 4ever til I can test..... I’m not even half way thru this hell yet!


Anonymous said...

Hello Bee Bee
I am sending you a BIG Hug and Good "Vibes" so you might feel better--hope it works !! I have been experiencing some pregnancy symptons as well--INCREASED APPETITE !!! Can't get enough food !!! There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you--but-- I would appreciat it if you would keep these pregnancy symptoms to yourself as I have acquired enough weight over the years to keep myself alive without any food for at least a good year or so-----I DO hope that you feel much better soon and that you ARE in fact pregnant !!!and--what do they do if you are OHSS ?? Do they stop the progesterone ? and never fear--you are strong and intelligent enough to pay attention to the signs and take care of yourself properly--but you can always ask for help too !Always and Forever No Matter What

Princess Chelsea said...

yeah, you can keep that symptom. I am kinda the opposite in the beginning of the pregnancy then most I guess. I am never hungry the only reason I eat is cuz then I don’t feel sick to my tummy.
no, nothing they can do for OHSS cept drain the fluid out and monitor it. The progesterone doesnt do it, it would have been the meds i was on to get the follicles to grow.
I dont have it now and so im basically in the clear now.