Friday, February 6, 2009

Trigger shot.... and pregnancy feelings...

So got the trigger shot last night at 10pm - IUI is scheduled for 10am sharp on Saturday! I am fearful to say that I am actually feeling pretty good about this cycle since I feel that way each cycle and then feel like a total ASS when it turns out that I am not pregnant, again. It’s a risk I gotta take I spose.
Im gonna say it..... here goes.....I am feeling very confident about this cycle! I have more mature follicles (as far as we can tell) than I did with the 1st IVF cycle and I feel like crap. I have talked to a lot of ladies with OHSS (over-hyper stimulation syndrom) that ended up preggo so maybe thats why I feel so shitty.
My estrogen level was at 1182 and normal is way under that - cue the tears from being overly emotional. And since the trigger shot I feel pregnant which is normal since they are injecting 10,000iu of the pregnancy hormone into my body to force ovulation. I will be in lots of pain from ovulating so many follies but its the weekend so I will just rest and relax and all will be fine.
The 2 week wait, or so its called in the fertility world, is fastly approaching.... that is ALWAYS the longest 2 weeks of my life. I will know in 2 weeks wether or not this took!
Doc is funny and when we were measuring the follicles at the last appt he said, "there are a lot in there" and I said "GOOD, the more the better" and he says "lets hope we arent saying that in 4 weeks when we do your 1st pregnancy ultrasound".... what a funny guy! :)


Anonymous said...

It all looks promising and what else can you do but be positive and that helps also. Good for you! So more follicles than with the IVF? Something you are doing is working well. mom

baby_journey said...

I connected here from fertility ties and am on a similar IUI journey (except no injectibles yet), and it is great to read your story! LOots and lots of BABY DUST to you... I think it is good to be confident, too!!!

Anonymous said...

How did the IUI go Chels ? -HopeN

Princess Chelsea said...

went great HopeN - 80 million sperm and 96% motility! yeah! :)
thanks baby_journey - baby dust back at cha!