Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pluggin along......

Have no idea what cycle day I am on or when I may ovulate and it feels good to not be counting or worrying about when we have to "do the dirty". Still dont like the fact that we are not doing anything to get to our goal but gotta move past that for now.
I have made an appt with the doc and nurse who handles all of the donor and adoption stuff at the clinic for sometime next week. We will have all our questions answered. There are some places taht dont even allow you to start the process until you are married for 3 years so it would be another year before we could do that. There are no waiting periods for the egg donor cycles, of course those are 25K, lol. Figures.
I have some info at home along with a DVD to watch on the embryo adoption but havnt watched it yet. Doesnt really interest me at this moment. I dont have the drive that I had last year to know more and read more and get things done. I dont know if its depression or if i just am tiered of doing this.

We are buying a new fridge and I am happy and excited abotu it, however, I am not caring to put the time into looking for one, which is strange to me. Usually i would love to be out at the stores looking around. Im sure it will pass tho. The fridges arent going anywhere so Im in no hurry.

This week is busy for all of us - Matt is working all day at school and thne all night at Potowotomi for Mardi Gras stuff so i am left to work all day and then all the kids stuff at night. I would much rather drive back and forth from Basketball and do homework then walk around a smokey casino tho.

Looking forward to my grandma's 80th birthday celebration on thursday but havnt even gone to get her a gift - totally not like me - normally I would have had the gift 3 months ago ready to wrap and give. Not quite sure when i will be going to get a gift or what it will be since the dinner is 2moro....... what do you get an 80yr old lady anyway? When I am 80 i want everyone to buy me fried cheese and then sit around telling stories about how pretty I still look. :0)

Kids are entering into a contest type of thing for their instruments, Harmony doesnt want to do it but Brayden is all for it. He has the entertaining gene, he loves to be "on stage" and have people watching him! Harmony is more like me and would be fine never being "watched" ever. I told her to give it a try and if she hated it then she wouldnt have to do it again, its not gonna kill her to try it once.
Matt will make it worth their time I'm sure.

Got my hair done over the weekend and now i need a tan to match the hair, looks very summery so now i will go to the tanning bed a few times to not look so pasty - ha, ha, ha.


SFreese said...

Just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I understand your frustration and heartache..... here for you anytime!

Anonymous said...

Instead of giving things up for lent, I decided that I was going to do something else - I was going to try and be nice to my hubby for lent!!! he laughed, i thought it was a good idea, same intentions to be a better person - ya know??

- CK

Princess Chelsea said...

sounds like a good idea but i could never do it, lol.