Friday, February 13, 2009

Bray's ER visit

Yesterday i got to work and as soon as i sat down to "work" i got a call from the school that Brayden had fallen over a basketball and had a gash above his eye that wouldnt stop bleeding so i let here and went to pick him up.
Obviously, he looked WAY better than what i had pictured in my head..... it was pretty deep but it was very short. Not that bad, but hurt something fierce i bet!
Anyway, spent like 2 hours at the ER before being seen, thank goodness the kids wasnt really hurt.
By the time we were seen the thing had somewhat stopped bleeding and started to close itself so he didnt need any stitches which he was THRILLED about! I dont know how many times i said "i dont know if they are gonna stitch you but if i had to guess i would say no"..... said that at least 20 times. He was nervous, understandable thats for sure!
They put these lil tape things on in a cris-cross thing and we were on our way to starbucks for a treat.
After picking up the double chocolate frapachino for him i tunred the corner and he didnt have a good grip so the damn thing dumped all over him and the car. Of course i didnt have ANY napkins in the car so he had to sit in it until we got home, gross but took his mind off the eye thing.

So, that means it is 1 day closer to testing...... its sad but thats how i think - wake up every morning knowing i am 1 day closer to testing. Scary and exciting all at the same time.
Pregnancy symptoms are gone, i assume that trigger shot is completely out of my system right and hoping to have it come back in a few days.
Took a pregnancy test yesterday knowing it would be positive cuz of the trigger shot but kinda wanted to see the ++++ test (sick, i know...) but also gonna take one 2moro to see the negative so that i know that when i test for real if i get a + its a real one!!!


Jen said...

a frappuccino? really? no wonder he's hyper.

Princess Chelsea said...

That doesnt have an caffiene in it silly!!
Its just milk and a ton of chocolate, oh, which has a lot of caffiene in it, lol.