Monday, February 2, 2009


Harmony got hers last week and she made honor roll, or is it honor role? obiously i was not on that, again (both quarters). Nice work!!
Brayden will get his 2day and he is so nervous he made himself sick this morning. Asking not to go to school but then I explained that we will still get the Report Card even if he never goes to school again.
Poor guy, he has been struggling. He will have his IEP this quarter so hopefully having some adjustments to the work load and some help outside the classroom will help with all of this.
The meds deff helped last year with focus but he was ticking all day long and with knowing how mean kids can be ticking would deff make him the outcast.
Ticking is better - I really can tell a difference when he is calm and not playing a ton of video games that he doesnt tic as much. He sees a wonderful therapist every 2 weeks that helps him to deal with them and gives him tips on what to do to try to help the ticking. Slowly but surely we will figure all this out.
He is doing well in basketball and going to the batting cages a few times a month to prepare for baseball season. He is also doing push-ups each night to build up some muscles!
Hopefully he wont be too down about the report card, not really looking forward to hearing the sadness and the "i am a loser" stuff tonight...... ugggg.


Anonymous said...

I know Harmony is really thriving. Brayden will get there too. Once he gets that he needs to do this himself and that this isn't something we can do for him. Don't let him get away with the I'm a loser thing though. He isn't and I know he knows he isn't. Did Matt mention anything at all about the tudoring sites I found? I could help him that way. He is a charming young man and he knows how to use his charm! Too cute!

Princess Chelsea said...

not as bad as i was expecting - he even pulled off 2 A's! they were gym and music but still they brought that GPA up. It was a 2.6 or something.