Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yet another doc appt!

I have gone to have blood work and ultrasounds for the past 3 days in a row to check on those follies....
They are doing well and growing the way they should so that is very good.
Not feeling all that great today, kinda foggy mind - headache, sleepy (slept for crap the last 2 nights, maybe nerves) crampy and a bit nauseous. Prob all the meds so i should be back to my normal self in about a week

Today the follies are about 1.5mm bigger than they were yesterday, which was already anticipated so no big surprise.

I have asked for them to check my progesterone level cuz I am pretty crampy and I am fearful that my body is tyring to ovulate on its own since i have 10 follies in there ready to POP! I have lots of the ovulation "symptoms" that no one seems to know until you are wanting to get pregnant.

The grand-plan at this point is to take the trigger (inter-muscular mega, super long and thick shot) tonight around 9ish and then go in for the insemination on Saturday morning about 9ish BUT if my progesterone level is showing ovulation then I will take the trigger shot as soon as possible and go in for the insemination Friday morning.
Just waiting on the bloodwork to come back now, should be here by 1 or 2.

Last night Matt hit something again, I knew right away cuz I felt the shot and that is pretty rare, i woke up wiht another bruise but NOTHING like that other one!!
My stomach sure has takin a beating but nothing it hasnt felt b4, but hopefully wont feel again! :)

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