Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Allergic reaction and negative test

So I'm not really liking this day much. I thought maybe I would be able to see something on a test this morning - its early but plenty of people can see something 9dpo so why not me? Nope, natta, hoping its just too early but not feeling as good about this time as I did a few days ago. Its hard not to feel like its not gonna happen and then to get pissed off and wonder how the HELL it isnt gonna work with putting 6 freekin embryos in there. Geesh.

As far as the allergic reaction, yesterday after the IVIg treatment I thought it was funny - today, not so much. I was told that it would be back to “normal” by the time I went to bed. Its still not normal. I'm posting a pic but it would be better if I could put a pic of the both of my arms together since then you would have a reference of what my arm really looks like but I cant take a pic of both arms myself. Maybe I will have one of the kids do it later. BTW, they think its hilarious. My arm is HUGE, really red and given off some serious heat, its about half the size it was yesterday when I left treatment but still very big. It feels weird to the touch to me anyway, like its filled with something but not really. I cant bend my arm all the way and I cant straighten it out all the way either. It hurts, like a really, really sore muscle, one you worked out too much or something. Its not the worst pain but add that into the bloating and emotions from the mega progesterone and the bruises on my belly plus the soreness from the POI (progesterone oil injections) and I am a mess. Like a 90 yr old lady for crying out loud.

The best part of all of this is when the nurses (both of them) saw it their eyes got huge and kept asking if I was ok, then went on to say many times how they had never seen a reaction like this. Of course they hadn’t..... only me...... are we all shocked..... sadly, not even in the slightest.
I am now waiting on a call back from them. They told me to take Benadryl and they would call me back to give me further instructions but then added again “if you cant breath go right to ER”. Okee Dokee, lol.


Christa said...

BUT an allergic reaction means that your body is not just killing things. kind of like the cold, right? so it's working?

Christa said...

AND wouldn't a negative be the negative that could be followed by a positive like you listed in yesterday's post?

Princess Chelsea said...

I dont know, they didnt mention it as a good thing so not sure about that.
I wish the doc would call me back cuz the nurse said it was possible that they wouldnt let me continue treatment. I just dont understand how i didnt have a reaction the 1st time. Ugh
This is actually my 3rd day in a row of negative so the trigger has been gone and ive been anxiously waiting a real positive :-)

Miss Megan said...

Wow - your arm was huge!! I hope it's back to normal by now, or at least getting there. So bizarre that it didn't happen the first time too. . . .
And boo, hiss, at the BFN. All of my appendages are crossed for you hun. I am really hoping and praying you get that BFP in the next day or so. Hang in there!

Princess Chelsea said...

Arm is back to normal now - just took a few days of looking all weird. Next treatment i will just take the benedryl B4 the treatment to ward off any of this craziness, plus i will have them put it in my hand. i cert dont need a big puffy hand, lol!