Thursday, March 25, 2010

The plan of attack is as follows:

My numbers have been wacky for a few days, guess thats what you get for testing them every other day!

I will be going in for a double dose of the IVIg treatment cuz even tho my NKC are in the “normal” range, they are way more aggressive than they should be. Those lil bastards wont let me be, I swear, geesh. They were at 61%, then after treatment went to 47% then to 34% and they want them lower than 12% so hopefully this double dose will do it. I am also now taking 4x/day 10mg of prednisone instead of just 2x/day. I just am gonna be extremely sore and exhausted from it. It makes you feel like you worked out, just without the “pump” feeling afterwards. Just makes my body feel lazy and like I worked out too hard, kinda fatigued. Nothing serious, nothing I cant handle but I can assume with the double dose it will feel moreso. Thats ok, I’ll make it. Wouldnt you know it tho, Saturday, bright and early, I signed Harmony and I up to volunteer to help set up for the Autism Ball and then Bray has baseball practice. Im sure we will be fine :-)

Now, onto something that has nothing to do with fertility. I am so pissed. We got a letter from the school that Brayden is in SEVERE threat of being held back due to reading and math. Ummmmm, yeah, no shit, thats why I asked them to evaluate him last year when he was struggling. They did that and said all was fine, THEN miraculously he was on the Honor Roll, just months after them telling me that he was close to failing. Interesting that now he is failing again - his work has not changed, they just didnt want to have to pay for him to have the IEP. That is what my thought is anyway. Seems a lil too convenient that he is failing, then after I request an IEP then he is “great” and on the honor roll, now he has a reading level of 4th grade. He is a 6th grader. So all of a sudden, over the summer he got stupid where last year he was on the honor roll? Whatever, stupid. And MPS doesnt want student to be held back so its not like they wouldnt push him thru if they could, if he was in a normal district he would have already been held back years ago.
He is the youngest in his class, he is always struggling so a few months ago matt and I thought maybe it may be best for everyone if we chose to hold him back and put him in another district to “start fresh”. No one would know he was held back since no one would know him, he wouldnt need to feel the embarrassment of being held back but you woulda thought matt and I had offered to put him back into K4 for crying out loud. His dad and the therapist went wack-o out of their minds and now brayden is not wanting to do it.
Im pissed for a lot of reasons but mostly cuz I see that I put him in school too early. He needed the structure and I needed to get a full time job and couldn’t afford day-care as a single mom so full time kindergarten was the way to go. He tested in just fine but seems like each year he would fall just a lil more behind. If he got a fresh start I just feel like he may feel “smart” for once instead of always feeling out of place - maturity and he is smaller than everyone else.
Ugh, venting session on that over. Now I have to go and make an appt with the therapist so we can talk about this more.

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