Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why do people have to be so difficult?

I’m having an issue with the embryologist and I am quite sure she is having a problem with me as well. We are not gonna be best buds anytime soon. After I talked with her I got more and more upset about the talk we had which was more of her scolding me for even thinking about putting all the embryos back in. How silly that would be - no doctor will do that, etc. Such crap.
As a side-note to all of this ** that dumb ass octo-mom really F*d up the fertility world in my opinion.
That lady NEVER had a m/c and NEVER didn’t get preggo with a IVF cycle and also had PLENTY of embryos to freeze so why they would have put that many into her is beyond me but now I am paying the price for her dumb ass. Ugh. I have a history, I have had several IUI’s that I have had more than 4 or 5 mature follicles and more than 100 million sperm and no pregnancies from those, plus all the m/c’s and the other TWO failed IVF cycles, nothing ever to freeze, I could go on ...... geesh, c’on lady - lets look at my history then talk about the “risks” of putting too many embryos back in.

Do I want to have 6 children at once, no. Do I think that it will happen, again, no. Am I in the slightest afraid that all of them will stick and then thrive, no. Maybe that is stupid, maybe its just that I am afraid that I will end up with nothing yet again, either way, I’m not afraid in the least.
I just don’t understand how or why she is fighting with me about this, it is something that my DOCTOR and I had already decided and now that he is gone do I need the added stress of dealing with her..... ummm I’d say no. I did talk to of Dr K's patients who had the same issue with this particular embryologist. They (patients and doc) had decided that even the “non-viable” ones would be put in since life starts at conception for them and doc and nurse were a-ok then the embryologist fought back and forth with them about it and how it was “too risky” to put them in, however, she had just got thru telling them that they are ‘non-viable’ and the only way they can be non-viable is when they completely stopped growing so how do you say in one sentence that they are non-viable and then tell them what a great risk it is to put those back in. So this lady would have felt better tossing them in the garbage instead of going with the wishes of patient and doctor and giving the babies a chance at life. So stupid. She needs to chose one side and go with it.
This lady I talked with actually won the “fight” and they put 2 viable and the 2 non viable back in - all 4 stuck but only a week later only 1 heartbeat and no one knows for sure which one it was, non viable or viable.

NOW, I do understand the risks, I am not an idiot, like I said b4 I don’t want to have 6 babies at once. That’s just craziness for anyone but for me, its even more crazy - I'm too old for that! I understand why the docs don’t want to push it, I really do, i respect that they are afraid to do that cuz of the risks, I just want them to look at my history and base the decision on THAT instead of what could potentially happen. Look at the history as well as the fact that they keep telling me that there is only a 10% or less chance that I would have the last 2 to freeze and that this is our last chance and that we have already had failed cycles and that my doc and I had a plan. In a perfect world I wouldnt be going thru this, but in a perfect infertility world in which I live in at the moment, I would put 2 in and get one baby then have the others to freeze - however, my life doesnt work that way so I want to maximize my chances at pregnancy. I would rather have 2 or 3 babies than no babies.

Ok, venting session done - I will be bringing my boxing gloves to this meeting 2moro and she better be ready for a fight. I will make sure I talk to them b4 they try to pump any sedatives into the IV, lol

I am leaning toward fighting for all 6 to be put back in 2moro but we shall see about all that......

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