Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This is what I get for being somewhat relieved/excited

They found a baby and yolk sac so that is all they were looking for at this point. I am in my 5th week still.
I have pictures and looks like 2 or 3 black holes but only one had a white yolk sac in there so she said either the others are blood (and I may start to spot, great) or they were babies that didnt progress that my body will reabsorb.
I was secretly (or not really even secretly) hoping for twins since I love the my kids have each other and are close in age but I am more than thrilled with the outcome of todays u/s.

And then the blood work comes - cant catch a frickin break with this bullshit.
Monday 2142 - great increase, I think it was like 94%
Today 3362 - shitty increase, not even “adequate” so I have a call into the specialist to see what they want me to do.
They did not drop so that is a good thing. I just don’t feel like I can ever feel good or comfy about any of this because then I am quickly reminded about how it can and prob will be taken from me.
*sigh* pitty party for me.

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Miss Megan said...

YAY for great u/s! BOO for not so happy beta. Hang in there though. I posted this on FT too - my OB says (and I LOVE my OB) that once you see the babies on ultrasound, the hcg isn't nearly as useful for predicting successful pregnancy outcome. SO. . .enjoy your lovely u/s report. . .TRY not to worry too much about your hcg level. . the specialist can deal with that. Try to revel in the GREAT u/s report for the night=). Congrats hun!!