Friday, March 12, 2010


ok, so results are in:
Beta: This is what the doc calls the pregnancy (HCG) test = 63.1
Progesterone = 74.
Both numbers the doc was happy with so that is good. She said they were a "lil high" so that makes me feel good. I looked up and where I am right now in my cycle and normal range is 5-50 - very nice and assuring. I likey!
Then a few hours later I get a call telling me that I need to add a few things to my "cocktail" of meds/vitamins. Okee Dokee then..... as if its not hard enuf to keep all these pills straight already :-)
I think this is normal protocol with a BFP so I'm not worried - I didnt get a chance to ask but I think in one of our meetings with the doc (specialist in Illinois) I remember her saying that she would add some things when i got a positive beta. Anyhoo - now I take all the vitamins and meds i did b4 and adding in petrolium (i think thats what its called) its a progesterone pill and I need to take it twice a day and then also need to take 1 prednasone (steroid) pill twice a day instead of taking it only once a day.
I was also told I need to do another treatment of the IVIg on Monday - and because I have been in this place so many times (being preg then baby not progressing) I asked if it would be ok to wait until Tuesday to do it, AFTER I get the second set of test results. Just to make sure we dont toss in the garbage $2,100.00. I hate that I have to think that way, I hate that I cant just know that its gonna work out but I do have to accept that my history puts me at more of a risk that someone else so I need to accept that and move on. I am thrilled right now, right now to be pregnant at this moment and to have gotten over the 1st hurdle. Today is a good day!
lets see.... that puts me at 11 pills/vitamins, 2 blood thinner sub-q injections and 1 inter-muscular progesterone shot every day. I'm thinking Ive got to lose some weight with all this stuff - I mean c'on, where am I gonna fit food after all that?!?!?! LOL.
I am sore and bruised in the front and in the back, having some hard lumps from both of the injections as well but a-ok with all of it!


Christa said...

with all of those vitamins etc, it doesn't seem like it's necessary to eat!

Princess Chelsea said...

you would think im getting everything I would need from all those pills and vitamins for crying out loud cept I do need to take that handful after I eat breakfast so they all don’t come back up other than that im not real hungry :-)