Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hmmmm...... interesting horoscope for today

Your Daily Horoscope: March 18, 2010
Some ongoing events in your life seem to be coming to a climax today, Virgo. You should be seeing the results of your efforts in a given area or project soon. In fact, everything is so close to completion that it may be better to put your focus on the future instead of dealing with the anxiety of waiting for results. Count your blessings, review what has been learned, and start trying to figure out what's next and how to go about doing even better with it.

Not that I base my life or days on this but funny the way this is worded today - anxiety waiting on results..... maybe its time for me to go see my Tarot Card Lady to see whats in store :-)


Miss Megan said...

LOL! Very intersting how that is worded! Maybe there is some truth there, eh? =)

Christa said...

So what does the horoscope mean to you?

Princess Chelsea said...

could mean 2 things. One side says it means to stop freakin about the past or my history and be happy wiht this pregnancy as a blessing.
the other side of me thinks it means that this hell of waiting will be over soon and i should move on wiht life and count the blessings i already have instead of being greedy and wanting more.

Id like to go with the 1st but we shall see.....