Thursday, March 4, 2010

Update and instant love

So here i am sitting on bed rest - bored. I always look forward to this part of it all for the relaxation but by day 2 I am bored and sick of seeing all the things that I could be doing. Oh well, the rest will be good.
Yesterday was the transfer. We had 6 embryos. One of A quality, 3 of B quality and 2 of C's. She told me that they wanted to transfer the 4 best ones and the C's will prob die off by the next day. Ummmmm, yeah, no. So we went back and forth a bit how i wanted them all to be transferred. If they are gonna die, at least let them die in me - not in a dish in the lab. Embryologist did not want to do it and wouldnt even consider it until i finally said that the doc and i had already decided this and i wanted to talk to my nurse Sue. She didnt seem concerned, went out to talk to the new doc and came back within min to say it all was fine. No worries - the doc made some jokes about how my babies I am gonna have and that was that. Now i have to hope that embryologist didnt hold a grudge and poke a lil too hard on the embryos while she was doing the assistant hatching process. Just kidding, Im sure all is fine.

I showed the pic to the kids and bray FREAKED when i told him each of those blogs was a potential baby. His eyes got HUGE and said "YOUR GONNA HAVE 6 BABIES?!?!?!". It was cute, but i had to explain to him how that was not gonna happen. When i showed Harmony the picture i asked her if she thought they looked more like me or Matt, lol.

Im sure everything thinks I am nuts and have lost my mind but this is it, this is the last chance and I just couldnt live with myself if I didnt fight for what we wanted this time. I couldnt have closure on all of this if I felt pushed around this time. If this doesnt work, i need to be able to know that I did EVERYTHING possible in my power to have made it happen. In order to move on I cant live with "what if's".

My beta pregnancy test (the blood one) is next Friday and then another on Saturday. I wont know anything until Saturday - as far as those results go, however, I'm sure all of you know I will be testing so I will know before I go in there. Id love to be able to wait, but I'm not gonna even pretend its gonna happen that way cuz its not. I have at least 40 pregnancy tests here and they are SCREAMING my name already :-)

Started back on the blood thinner injections yesterday and now they are twice a day, 12 hours apart. Plus the intermuscular progesterone shot in the back/bum. Not worried or annoying in the slightest about it. Loving the shots if they can help get us to our goal.


Miss Megan said...

Okay, first off, YAY for 6 transferred!!! And I am so proud of you for standing up for what you beleived in and pushing them to put all 6 back. I whole-heartedly agree - why let the two C's die in a petri dish if they can have half a chance in their momma?? And your kids are too cute - gonna have 6 huh? LOL!
And with the HPT's. . .yeah, I bet they are calling your name! I love my POAS addict friends. . .no one else really understands the obsession=).
And for the record, I don't mind the PIO either. HOWEVER, Si hit a vein yesterday morning and I now have a bruise the size of a twinkie across my left upper butt cheek. OUCH! He's going to have to stab on top of it tomorrow morning, and it's gonna HURT! Am I am pansy? Hehe. You are doing 3 shots a day and not complaining. I'm only doing 2. You should tell me to suck it up and deal with it I think!
Okay, I'm done blathering on. Loads of good luck and tons and tons of sticky embryo glue your way! Stick babies stick! Your momma has gone through SO much to get you here, now do your thing!

Princess Chelsea said...

yeah but 2 of the 3 shots i take are sub-q so no big whoop. last IVF i was taking double the amount of POI but i opted to take 2cc all at once at night instead of doing it twice a day - is that an option for you?

Miss Megan said...

I asked yesterday if I could do both cc's at night and they told me no (probably because I was spotting). But, I'm still kind of spotting, and I would MUCH rather only take one shot, so after I go through the next couple of days of PIO I already have prefilled at 1cc, I may switch myself to 2ccs at night. I wouldn't think there would be much of a difference! Would you?
And I don't care what you say - I saw your tummy pics! Sub-q or not, those bruises were REAL, and they hurt I'm sure!! I won't discount that because I am whining about PIO=).

Princess Chelsea said...

Yeah they r not plesent But it is what it is and I know u understand that.
I thought that prog stayed in ur system
for 24 hours but maybe it's 12?
I spotted yday aftr the transfer. Did u? Are u still spotting now?