Monday, March 8, 2010

Back to life - somewhat anyway

So today is the 1st day back to work and it feels good to back in the real world - even tho the longer I lay around, the easier it got to lay around. Either way, here I am back at work and loving it. I also do like that I am leaving at 11:30 to get out to another doctor appt in Illinois - but I am quite sure that by Wednesday or Thursday I will be over this whole “back to real life and work garbage”, hahaha.

Anyhoo - today is technically 8dpo so I could be implanting right now! How exciting :0)
But in the IVF world I am 5dp3dt (5 days past 3 day transfer) and in the IVF world to the doctor that just means that I am still waiting...... waiting...... waiting...... to see if this cycle worked. Im usually pretty cool up until about now. Im only a few days away from knowing - and then after a positive pregnancy test is when my real worry or anxiousness starts. The 2 weeks after a + test in my life are 2 of the L-O-N-G-E-S-T weeks of my life. Its like in the movies when you feel and hear every second click by. Man, that’s rough but I would much rather have that then a negative that is for sure!
I am a POAS (pee on a stick) addict so I already know that the trigger is out of my system which is good cuz that means if/when I get a + it is a real one. I have been tricked b4 so now I test to see the + first then the - then the + again. Its crazy but for whatever reason it makes me feel a lil control in this uncontrollable stuff. Gives me another reason to get up in the morning - silly but true. Not that I dont have things that get me up in the morning but, well, you people who have been thru this understand and there is no other way to say it.

Today I will be going for another IVIG treatment, gosh I wish i could have booked it for Wed instead cuz by then I could ask for a blood pregnancy test to see if this is even something I need to do. Its another $2,100 which is fine if it helped but come to find out that after my treatment (2 days after) my KC actually WENT UP, yes, i said UP. They have an explanation for everything and sure it makes sense but I was really wanting to hear that they went down. They were borderline last time and they went up from 15 to 42 AFTER treatment. They told me that it was cuz 2 days after i had the treatment i had my retreival where they were "poking around" up there which makes the natural killer cells start to get all crazy. I just dont know what to think, but i am going back to get another treatment so.... yeah..... I just dont want to say "I shoulda had that treatment this time. I cant have closure if I dont do everything possible this time so I will go and let them take the money from us. I am stopping for fast food tho.

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